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Zamir Yushaev: “Considering Fine Arts Important…” (Video)

Submitted by on Saturday, 23 May 2009.    3,191 views One Comment
Zamir Yushaev: “Considering Fine Arts Important…” (Video)

We share an interview with the famaous Chechen painter Zamir Yushaev who lives in Germany.

WaYNaKH Online: Zamir, could you introduce yourself for our readers?

Zamir Yushaev: I am a freelance painter from Khasavyurt (in the Caucasus), the city lies on the border between Chechnya and Dagestan. I studied in Mahachkala (capital of Dagestan), later in Leningrad (now it is calling as St.Petersburg) and studied in Leipzig (Germany) from 1992 to 1997 . I paint mainly oil surrealistic images and i have two art studios in Liepzig.

WaYNaKH Online: As far as we know, you left from Chechnya before the war. Why did you decide to leave  from your homeland?

p1b-300x193Zamir Yushaev: When i started to study in Leipzig, i wouldn’t have an idea to live here. I just would like to be a painter, and anything else except this idea didn’t matter for me.

I felt to war in Chechnya on my heart. Also, i painted something which was related to terrible events in my country. But after i finished to my university education, everything revealed to live in Liepzig. I created my own business and found a nice studio for working with a good price.

WaYNaKH Online: Which kind of paintings you are doing?

Zamir Yushaev: My work is oil painting, I paint oil paintings on canvas amliebsten. The style is surrealism. In the two fantasy worlds (Oxident and Oriental) merged with each other and produce a new world, a world of its own. The roots of my own sitting deep inside me and it is based on the new experiences and emotions.

WaYNaKH Online: We see effects of our culturel elements on your works. Is it related to your homesick feelings or do you try to present our culture?

Zamir Yushaev: Maybe everything is together. Of course I feel homesick as an every normal human being and also I am trying to protect Chechen culture, present it and moreover to see its growing up.

zamir-2-225x300WaYNaKH Online: We have heard that you participated to many exhibitions. Could you say something about it?

Zamir Yushaev: Yes, I had many exhibitions, including international, but also at the beginning of a much smaller like in the pubs, hotels or shops. Today, I reject a lot of exhibitions that we can not accept everything. I live in a capitalist world and I have also adapted, today I make an exhibition only if it is worthwhile, it must be either a good address, or by the organizer must be paid. One week ago there were an exhibiton at a bank, but i didn’t want to be a participant because they do not want to pay.

WaYNaKH Online: Would you like to open a personal exhibiton in Turkey?

Zamir Yushaev: I would like to open an exhibition in Turkey, i hope one day somebody invite me and i can.

WaYNaKH Online: As you know, there is grow out of a new Chechen diaspora in Europe. How is your communication with the Chechens who live in Germany and neighbour countries?

Zamir Yushaev: When I came to Germany, I hadn’t imagined that one day so many Chechens are living here. I am very very busy and my work requires to be alone, so I have very little contact with the Chechens who live in Germany. 99 percent of my customers are German, so my main traffic with Germans.

Also I have two house in Leipzig and there is still many things to do which is waiting me. Unfortunately I have very little time for people of from my country. Nevertheless, I have very good relations with German-Caucasian Center and Chechen Cultural Center in Berlin.

WaYNaKH Online: Do you have any message for the Chechen diaspora in Turkey?

Zamir Yushaev: I wish peace and much success to the Chechen diaspora in Turkey. And i want to say, please allocate your time to fine arts as you spent your time for martial arts. In my opinion considering fine arts important for our future.

WaYNaKH Online: Thank you for allocated your time for interview.

Zamir Yushaev: You are welcome. Loves from heart.

***Down the below you may find the videos of Zamir Yushaev which how he paint just in a few minute:

PS: You may find the examples from the paintings of Zamir Yushaev at the  gallery section of our webpage under the name of Chechen Painter Zamir Yushaev.

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  • mario endrighi said:

    hello zamir i am a friend of your brother sultan who i met in london a long time ago i am italian and we were looking on the web for your brother and we found you and your work is very good especially your viedos if it is possible for you to tell your brother i would very much like to hear from him again very best wishes and congratulations for your beautiful paintings mario endrighi 45 bayer house golden lane estate london Ec1y 0rn telephone 07983823780 email ciao mario

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