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Each Chechen must become a part of the Resistance

Submitted by on Monday, 13 July 2009.    10,200 views 2 Comments
Each Chechen must become a part of the Resistance

The famous proverb «One is as good as none» (literally «A lone man is no warrior on a battlefield») has now become obsolete. Urbanization, modern technologies, the level of global communications gave rise to the new situation: «One is as good as everyone» (or literally «A lone man is a warrior on a battlefield»). Furthermore, at times the efficiency of a lone warrior is higher than the efficiency of a large group that has no ideas of new realities of the modern times.

Necessity to set up tactical media groups

Tens of thousands of Chechens are scattered all around the world. Set up media groups locally – where members of the Chechen Diaspora and Chechen refugees reside; at training centers, wherever CRI citizens study; create websites in various languages and translate the information from Chechnya.

Distribute that information with leaflets, via e-mail (compile a database of e-mail addresses of the world’s leading mass media and send messages about the events in Chechnya).

Send out letters to the Russian press, to the mass media of the Commonwealth of Independent States (former Soviet Union), to the governments of other countries of the world and to various organizations. Set up committees in support for Chechnya right where you are residing and/or studying. Take up the initiative into your own hands. Even though there may be two or three of you, still set up a community or a committee (society of friendship with the Chechen people, society of Chechen doctors, lawyers, journalists, etc.)

If you are alone, create a website in the language that you can speak. Send out e-mail messages. Whenever possible, supply local periodicals with the informational materials directly. Send out photos about victims of the Russian aggression, photos of CRI cities in ruins, photos of maimed Chechen children and of brutally murdered peaceful civilians. Organize photo exhibitions (there are plenty of photo documents about the atrocities committed by Russian aggressors). Let it even be a small exhibition at a local level, but conduct it anyway. Hundreds and thousands of small exhibitions of documentary evidence of the genocide of Chechen people are equal to several large-scale ones.

There are films made by freelance journalists about the events in Ichkeria. Get these tapes. Show these films where you reside and/or study. Multiply these tapes and send them out to the mass media and to the governments of the countries where you live. On a regular basis organize antiwar pickets and rallies where you reside. Collect signatures under the demand to have Putin and his circle arrested as war criminals. Set up committees for having Russian war criminals prosecuted.

Become a part of the Resistance. Let each one of you set up a section of the frontline. Visit internet forums in the languages that you speak. Disseminate the truthful information about the situation in Chechnya. At the same time be specific and do not fall for emotions. Let each one of you set up a timeframe that he/she will dedicate to the fight on his/her section of the frontline. Even one hour a day. But let this period of time be the time of decisive struggle.

Share your experience with one another. Become a warrior of informational warfare for freedom and independence of our Homeland. Unite in tactical media groups. Form the tactics and the strategy for your actions. Plan your actions. Determine your means and your capabilities. Think and reflect: which means and methods can be used in this battle, share your ideas.

Some of you have the capability to create his/her website, some of you can set up a group where you live and/or study, some of you have an opportunity to go to an internet cafe, translate some information from Chechen agencies and send it all around the world. Some of you can organize a lecture or just a meeting.

Victims of the Russian aggression who lost their sons, their husbands, their relatives and their loved ones! Set up foundations and Committees of Victims of Russian aggression in your local areas. Get organized into unions and communities. Get local attorneys and lawyers involved. Appeal to the courts and to the governments. Let it be your frontline of the battle.

Act. Each one of you is power. Unite this power and make it work in the name of freedom of our Homeland. It will be your own personal Jihad, your personal contribution into the cause of the fight for Freedom of your country and your people

External Subcommittee of the Informational Council of State Defense Council «Majlis al-Shura» of C.R.I.


  • Tsetseenia vabaks said:

    Excellent! One of the most inspireing articles I have read here!
    I would add also that someone could start proceedings in Hague Int’l Tribunal against leaders of ruSSian government who gave order to kill in Chechnya civil people.

  • Мухьаммад Бети said:

    i like this article, but no resistance left in our homeland!
    maybe we can make one secretly away from that traitor, with Ichkerii flags
    you can contact me to my E-mail

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