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Negotiations with Puppets? Answer of Sadullayev! (Video)

Submitted by on Wednesday, 29 July 2009.    1,942 views 2 Comments

IV.President of Chechen Republic Ichkeria,  Abdul Khalim Sadullayev (shaheed) is giving an answer on the issue of negotiations with puppet regime. It is like a historical lesson and it mustn’t be forgotten!

Question: Would you personally accept direct negotiations with the pro-Russian leadership of Chechnya -Alu Alkhanov and Ramzan Kadirov- and, if so, in your opinion what format should they take?

Abdul Khalim Sadullayev: I would like to use an example understandable to everyone. Let’s imagine that you are attacked by a pack of dogs belonging to your neighbor. You would have to talk to the dogs’ owner, wouldn’t you? There would be no point in talking to the animals, to the dogs. They [the bloody puppet regime in Chechnya] fulfill the dishonorable, undignified role of ordinary puppets. If we pinned our hopes on them, we would injure not only the honor and dignity of the fallen shaheeds but also the honor of the whole Chechen nation. What can these puppets do? What problem can they solve? Everything they do, they do with the permission of the Kremlin and the Russian special services. They have never made a single decision on their own. They have never decided anything on their own and never will. So this question must be properly understood. It is not a matter of our unwillingness to halt military operations; it is simply that it makes no sense to conduct negotiations with that pack.

ps. Thank you to our friends Marsho TV for shared this video.


  • zelimxan said:

    PW: Does Chechnya’s Moscow-backed leadership try to contact you, offer you negotiations?

    Dokka Umarov: We know that they used the pretext of negotiations to bring about the downfall of the two emirs who were my predecessors – Aslan Maskhadov and Abdul-Khalim Sadulayev. Therefore, aware of how treacherous they are, I am cautious. They will have their “negotiations” when our forces are stronger! These forces are on their way, and this will soon be known. But the paths that are being offered to us right now are the insidious paths of deceit. Therefore we won’t accept them.

  • Tsetseenia vabaks said:

    IV.President of Chechen Republic Ichkeria, Abdul Khalim Sadullayev (shaheed)was a Great Son of Chechnya!

    Media says that the closest helpers of Dokku Umarov are connected with FSB and the scheme is the following. FSB does attcks towards civil population, Udugov- helper of Dokku Umarov gives via his internet sites out information on the behalf of Dokku Umarov/or on his silent agreement- that Mudjaheeds accomplised it.

    Same scheme was used in Beslan then amongst those who participated in the capturting of school- there people who already several years were kept by FSB.

    Заявление, озвученное Доккой Умаровым о возвращении к тактике самоподрывов и террористических атак против мирного населения, продвинутое братьями Умаров-Удугов, является самым надежным прикрытием для спецопераций ФСБ. Схема этих спецопераций предельно проста: русские устраивают теракты и обвиняют в них муджахедов, а братья Удугов-Умаров через подконтрольные им сайты подтверждают эти обвинения, делая заявления от имени (или по согласию) Докки Умарова. Схема эта наглядно сработала еще в Беслане, когда среди опознанных участников захвата школы были выявлены люди, к тому времени уже несколько лет находившиеся в руках ФСБ.

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