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For Palestine: “One Minute”, and For Chechnya …?

Submitted by on Sunday, 16 May 2010.    5,189 views No Comment
For Palestine: “One Minute”, and For Chechnya …?

In recent days, President of the Russian Federation  Dmitry Medvedev and his delegation -includes  Ramzan Kadyrov, ringleader of puppet regime which is established in occupied Chechnya- made an official visit to Turkey.

The visit of Dmitry Medvedev to Turkey was known weeeks before. But the surprise was Ramzan Kadyrov’s quietly arrival to Turkey. AK Party which came to the power with votes of Moslem people in Turkey, knows the emotiones of Turkish people for Chechnya, thus they kept secret from public the visit of personal assassin of Putin, Ramzan Kadyrov.

On Tuesday evening of May 11st, 2010, puppet Kadyrov arrived to Ankara Esenboga Airport with his private plane and he was welcomed by Deputy Governor of Ankara, Fevzi Gunes. Kadyrov was introduced as a President of Autonom Republic in Russia, but AK Party in order not to advertise this visit, charged Ankara city’s “Deputy Governor” to welcome him in the airport. However, Turkish reporters closely  followed Medvedev’s visit and when Kadyrov, whose name is identified with human rights violations and cruelty, arrived in Ankara, they didn’t miss this good opportunity to immediately transferring this information to the agencies.

A name in the group of Ramzan Kadyrov, was heard frequently by international society in recent days. He was Magomed Daudov. He was introduced as advisor of puppet Kadirov, but according to Austrian authorities he is one of the important suspect of Chechen asylum seker Umar Israilov’s murder in Vienna in January 2009.

Turkish authorities didn’t met offically with puppet Kadyrov, because of their fear for losing votes of Moslem groups in Turkey. Even, in a strange way, main propogand websites of the puppet regime in Chechnya wrote that Ramzan Kadyrov met with the Russian Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev and Agriculture Minister Yelena Skrynnik during his visit in Ankara. But puppet Kadyrov was in delegation of the Russian President Medvedev, therefore he could find a chance to hurryup talking with President of the Republic of Turkey, Abdullah Gul and Interiror Minister Besir Atalay. The main topic of their conversations was “send back” of the Chechen refugees in Turkey or at least extradition of some Chechens to Russia. In spite of the fact that it wasn’t an official meeting between Turkish authorities and puppet regime in Chechnya, according to our sources human butcher Kadyrov and Turkish diplomats bargained behind the closed doors.

On the other hand, on Wednesday, May 12, Russian puppet Ramzan Kadyrov met with Turkish businessmen in Ankara Rixos Grand Hotel through Seyfullah Turksoy, his propogandist in Turkey. During the meeting puppet Kadyrov fabricated stories about so-called developments and invited Turkish businessmen to realize investments in Chechnya.

Although the arrival of puppet Kadyrov was a surprise, on Thursday May 13, in Istanbul, a group organized themself in a short time, and protested puppet Kadyrov’s visit in Turkey and the ruling party because of their permission to Kadyrov’s entry. During the protest meeting, participants chanted slogans and burned to photos of puppet Kadyrov.

On May 14, Friday, Ramzan Kadyrov moved from Ankara to city of Adana and he was welcomed by Muharrem Varli, a member of Turkish Parliament and Huseyin Sozlu, mayor of Ceyhan town, both are from the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) which known with their sympathy to Chechnya’s independence struggle (Let’s remind you, Muharrem Varli and Huseyin Sozlu participated and helped to organization of the commemoration night in 2009 for 1st President of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria Dzhoxar Dudayev). Puppet Kadyrov and his delegation moved to Incetarla village of Adana’s Ceyhan town and visited the grave of Sheikh Movsar who is considered as one of the founder of Qadiri tariqah, and he shed his crocodile tears. Members of the old Chechen diaspora in this area, showed their dignified stand and refused to meet with puppet Kadyrov.

Turkish media reported that the Russian delegation was in the target of two Chechen A.Y. and S.K., according to them, some whistles came to the Turkish Intelligence Agency “MIT” about a possible attack. We must remind that freedom fighters from the Chechen National Liberation Movement have never committed terrorist acts neither in our homeland nor in the territories of other countries. If this whistles were true, then Turkish authorities must not overlook that these two men can be the hitmen of puppet Kadyrov. Because it is very well known, after Medvedev came to power, Kadyrov lives on a life edge and for saving his position even he may organize an assassination to eliminating of Medvedev.

Until today, some honorable politicians like Besim Tibuk and Muhsin Yazicioglu were seen in the Turkish political scene to support Chechens; but now we are witnessing to hypocrisier and double tongued politicians as President of Turkey Abdullah Gul, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, MHP’s member of Turkish Parliament Muharrem Varli and mayor of Ceyhan town Huseyin Sozlu.

Today Abdullah Gul scatters his smiles from Cankaya Mansion as a President and  shaked puppet Kadyrov’s hand; but in 1999 he had delivered a speech to Turkish newspaper “Milli Gazete”,  and said that “the history will never forgive to Turkish government, because they are in indifferent to human tragedy in Chechnya”.

In 2000, at the building of Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly in Strasbourg, the topic was stopping Russian attacks in Chechnya and find a peaceful solution to the war. A resolution for temporary suspending of Russia’s voting right was put to vote to ensure the Russian cruelty in Chechnya. The electronic voting didn’t work and it was demanded from diplomats to stand up if their vote is “Yes”. That day, there were 11 deputies in the name of Republic of Turkey. The deputies of Democratic Left Party (DSP), Uluc Gurkan, Atilla Mutman and Tayyibe Gulek voted “No” with sitting; deputies of Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Mehmet Telek and Huseyin Kalkan, deputies of Right Way Party (DYP) Mehmet Saglam and Cevdet Akcali, deputies of Motherland Party (ANAP) Sukru Yurur and Suha Tanik and deputy of Virtue Party (FP) Oya Akgonenc stood up and voted “Yes”. But another deputy of Virtue Party, Abdullah Gul who was always talking about the tragedy of Chechen people as a vote hunter, looked his around with wobbly eyes, tried to stand up but after warnings of the Christian Democratic Group members, he sat down, gave his supports to Russia and voted “No”. As a result, the resolution was denied with 81 “No” votes, in response of 73 “YES”.

Abdullah Gul should know that now neither the history nor oppressed Chechen people will never forgive him, cause of he shaked the bloody hands of puppet Kadyrov.

Let’s recall that in 1996, then Recep Tayyip Erdogan was the metropolitan mayor of Istanbul, he was attending to “Hand in Hand Solidarity Night with Chechnya” in Samsun Yasar Dogu Xystus, due the fifth anniversary of independence of Chechen Republic Ichkeria, as a honour guest. When he came to the tribune, he delivered a sentimental  speech and told that “Today we gathered here to show everybody that we advocate to our brothers in Chechnya…”

On October 23, 2009, Mehmet Ali Birand, well known Turkish journalist, was the guest of  “Media District” tv program at CNN Turk tv channel. Mehmet Ali Birand explained clearly how Tayyip Erdogan changed years after and he gave his promise to Putin about Chechens: “Putin told me that I have a marvellous trust to your Prime Minister. I asked why. He said because he came to me before he was elected as a Prime Minister and told me that you will see, our rulership will not stir up any trouble on Chechen issue. (Putin:) I smiled by myself, because his roots was coming from the place where Chechen issue was exploited, the team of Necmettin Erbakan which is very sensitive for Chechens, I thought by myself that he cannot do it. He became to Prime Minister and did it at first…”

Well then, hasn’t Tayyip Erdogan stormed off the stage at the World Economic Forum 2009 in Davos after a heated debate on Gaza with Israel’s president Simon Peres, as sayinh him: “One Minutes” and left from the meeting? Hasn’t he openly accusing Israil to commiting crimes against humanity in Palestine and gained to loves of Islamic world?

Tayyip Erdogan can disregard Turkey’s benefits completely and says “One Minute” against occupation and persecution in Palestine; but when the subject comes to Chechnya, then why does he prefer to be as quiet as a mouse and how can he let a tyrant’s visit in Turkey?

We must remind you, earlier Turkey accepted to visit of Omar al-Beshir -who was punished to be directly responsible genocide in Darfur by the International Criminal Court- for the meeting of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) in Ä°stanbul. But after the reactions of international community, al-Bashir gave up his visit to Istanbul.

As Austria determined, there is no doubt that puppet Kadyrov is behind the murder in Austria in 2009; as US government commission recommends to avoid  to issue the visa for puppet Kadyrov and doesn’t let him to open his so-called “culture houses” in Europe; as it comes out after an investigation of Russian authorities and a judgement in United Arabian Emirates that he is behind the his strongest rivals Yamadayev brothers’ elimination in Dishni-Vedeno, Moscow and Dubai; as puppet Kadyrov is named one of 40 press freedom predators over the world by “Reporter Without Borders”; as puppet Kadyrov’s name is mentioned number one suspect of murders human rights activists and journalists like Natalya Estemirova, Zarema Sadulayeva, Umar Dzhabrailov and Anna Politkovskaya; as he plays the part of Russian forces in occupied Chechnya, and torturing and killing to innocent Chechen people; it is really hard to understand, how a sadistic person, a hitman, and a monster who sells out his soul to devil, can come to Turkey such easily.

However, as Suleyman Demirel, an important figure for Turkish history, said, “Here in Turkey, even 24 hours is a long time for our politics!”

We condemn to A.K. Party and its members who keep their silence on this issue, which was the main responsible of puppet Kadyrov’s short visit that will be a shame on Turkey’s history. Turkey may be in any economical and political relations with Russia for their benefits, but Turkey must show its respect to our emotionalities. Chechen diaspora in Turkey and Turkish people who shares to pain of Chechen people will bring AK Party to account at ballot boxes that puppet Kadyrov came to Turkey with their admit!

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