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Russia’s Finnish Friends Threatening a Human Rights Activist

Submitted by on Saturday, 23 October 2010.    1,375 views 3 Comments
Russia’s Finnish Friends Threatening a Human Rights Activist

Juha Molari, a Finnish pastor, continues his provocative actions against a well-known Finnish human rights defender and Chechen refugees in Finland.

Juha Molari declared that his organization “Safka” was going to attack the office of the Finnish businessman and human rights activist Mikael Storsjo in Helsinki, on Friday evening, October 22, which, according to the pastor, is in fact the “editorial office of the Kavkaz Center”, over which, according to the pastor, a flag of the CRI should flutter. The pastor has also pointed out that the “office of the Kavkaz Center in Helsinki” is supported by MEP Heidi Hautala and a Russian opposition leader Garry Kasparov.

But their provocation attempt failed. When Juha Molari and his friends arrived in front of Mr. Storsjo’s office, they noticed that a group of Chechen refugees were there filming the scene. Needless to say, Molari and his friends left immediately.

We must remind you that earlier Chechen refugees in Finland had appealed to the Finnish Ombudsman in regard to Juha Molari’s hateful and fabricated claims about them.

It is to be recalled that almost all members of the “Safka” group have been denied entry to Estonia by police on suspicion of terrorist activities in favor of KGB and Russian interests.

To our knowledge, Mikael Storsjo is a law-abiding citizen of Finland and also very active in the human rights issues in the North Caucasus. It must be taken into consideration that the Russian Federation thinks human rights defenders are enemies of their state politics, because they expose Russia’s war crimes and crimes against humanity in the North Caucasus. The Russian Federation eliminates these defenders via its secret services, not just in Russian territory and the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, but also abroad.

We, Waynakh Online, believe that Juha Molari’s actions are very dangerous and create a real threat against Mr. Storsjo’s life; thus we urge the Finnish authorities to take the necessary measures against pastor Juha Molari and his friends.

*Text was written by Waynakh Online and edited by Michael Capobianco


  • Mohd Ramzi said:

    On behalf of the Global Chechen Assembly group, we are appalled by the criminal intents of Mr. Molari and the inaction of the Finish Authorities to curb such unacceptable illegal actions that have been endorsed by Mr. Molari and his organization. Unquivocally, Mr. Molari and his Organization should by adhering to the basic democractic principles as mandated by any religion and by the International Laws including but not limited to protecting and aiding refugees and the oppressed people. Needless the say, the Chechens rufgees, who have migrated from their homeland seeking a safe heaven from the unjust wars in Chechnya, were neither the first nor the last of oppressed people to be witnessed by the democratic nations in Europe and elsewhere. The Chechens have been accredited for welcoming and accepting refugees from all over the world who have had entered their lands either for escaping famines or wars in Russia and Europe as well. Not to mention the Jews who have escaped and sought refugee on Chechen lands from he mass extermination undertook by the Russian Czars and the Ukranians who have escaped and sought refugee among Chechens from the great famine of Russia.

    Having said that, there is not a single word exists that can fully describes our sincere appreciations and unquestionable supports to Mr. Mikael Storsjo’s initiatives and his noble campaiqns to fight for the oppressed and to alleviate the suffering of the Chechen refugees in Finland in particular and elsewhere around the globe in general.

    We strongly urge the Finish Authorities to reverse the course of inaction any take all serious course of actions as prescribed by the international laws to curtail all forms of illegal attempts and terroristic threats that have been undertaking by Mr. Molari and his supporters with a blatant intent of inflicting a physical harms against Mr. Sorsjos as well as the Chechen refugees in Finland.

    Simply speaking, there is no doubt in our minds and hearts that reasoning, liberty and justice will be prevailed afterall.

    Kindest Regards

    Mohd Ramzi, Globle Chechen Assembly


    Dear all My friend and dear to all our Globll Chechen Assembly member M.Ramzi posted excellent words and I’d like to add That “Religous Pastor should be neutral with all people and do his duites the same to evey one, not biase with FSB Russians hope his warshipers in his Church give the Pastor advice and must be good to all and justess,.specially with refugees
    best regards to all .


    Salaam Marshoo for all Chechnya is not a part of Russia and will not be even though some politician rulers the pupit rulers say that But we all chechen Waynakhx refugees who have roots deep to Wynakhkx Land will keep the original of theire roots fore ever and we pray daily 5 times a day and make Do’a’ that the AL-HAQQ the righetous will occare one day rightly, Allah axcept our prayers inshaallah.Dalla muglah. AAAmeeeen,. ! !!!!!!
    Globel Chechen Assembly Member for more than 10 years !
    Leramtsa berkell massarna Wynakhx NAX .

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