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The Formation of Collective Identity

Submitted by on Wednesday, 10 November 2010.    2,285 views 2 Comments
The Formation of Collective Identity

In this age of information technology and artificial intelligence problem of the formation of collective and national identity came to the fore and became the subject of current research worldwide. It employed anthropologists, historians, philosophers, psychologists, sociologists, educators, critics and religious leaders.

I will not sharpen your attention to the gaps in science – history of the Chechen people. Let me just note that it was time to write our story ourselves. Despite the Stalinist repression when they were destroyed archives and libraries (burned, removed, stolen), it should still be there and lead us to a close and distant neighbors. Literary scholars, linguists and educators will make an invaluable contribution to the rise of the national idea and will add knowledg.We find them not only in the crypts and towers, but also in the interior reservoir of language: lexical, semantic and lexicographical units of the native language, preserved in the medium Vainakh Diaspora , fiction and folklore. Only love for the Motherland and the inexplicable desire to return helps members of Vainakh diaspora not only survive but also to preserve their language, traditions and habbits.Today these nakh-people speak the language spoken by our ancestors 150 years ago.

The most urgent need to properly allocate resources and to begin work on a sensible and Chechen phrasebook. We need dictionary of scientific and technical vocabulary, terminology and liguistic ones: English-Chechen (Johanna Nichols and Arbi Vagapov released the first dictionary) and the Chechen-English and French-Chechen and even Japanese-Chechen.

Now I wonder why Britain is called Great Britain, and ours- Chechen Republic. There is an alternative. Let us be known as the Chechen Republic Nokhchicho.

Why do we seem grandchildren their grandfathers, and according to the documents listed as someone we would be convenient to write? Closer to me when I proudly call the name of his late father (May God forgive him ): Jaska Yahshaat kant (vo1a) Mohmad Amin.

I want our children to know the fairy-tale heroes, not only from the Brothers Grimm and Charles Pierrot, but from folklore. That there was no such that opening the dictionary, I find no translation for this word as “dolphin” (hordzh1al). It’s a shame, but in a single Chechen-Russian dictionary edited by T. Karasev, and AG Matsiev there is no translation.

It is the first Chechen-Russian dictionary, there are 20 thousand words (from the bottom 5000 of borrowed words from Russian), was published in 1961 in Moscow, and since then has not reprinted.After death of Matsiev, who managed to make the first half of the dictionary (the letters A-O and part P), AV Karasev continued work on the dictionary . And in 1978 the publisher Orsiyn Mott, Moscow, came out of the Chechen-Russian and Russian-Chechen dictionary (40 thousand words, of which 10,000 words trace). Further work is needed to edit the Chechen side of the dictionary, which involved senior lecturer Chechen-Ingush State University, AD Timaev and YA.U. Eshadzhiev.

It’s no secret that the Chechen researcher Arbi Vagapov boldly declares a million words in our language.

Alphabet based on Cyrillic alphabet does not convey the richness of our language, in which nearly 50 sounds. And it is also the front work for linguists.

We fall in love with alternative medicine, chasing overseas bio-additives, forgetting about the traditional folk therapy: gamma hakhar, courts Ozar, cho mettahhottayar. Front work for medical scientists.

The leading role in investigating the problem of identity has always belonged to the philosophy of life (mentality) and the religion of the community. The unity of religion Chechens have always been a serious factor in determining the binding values in life and so-called code of honor, “Nohchalla.

Chechens of old live on their land, speak their own language, trying to control their own destiny and define themselves not only to social conditions and norms of behavior, interpersonal relations. We want to be free from any political subservience and to build our own state within others’ consciousness.

Our society has always lived by the principle of democracy (the voice of the people), which differs from the modern “brutal democracy”.

Let us recall that until quite recently, each community had its own boiler, print, and led the record.

Even I heard the stories of our old folks have mentioned “the place where the buried pot”.

Today I can call the fourteenth Erakha ancestor, from which comes our family on the paternal line. (Erakha Bury Luli Eaton Eaton Gelis-G1uli-Bahmad-Olhazar-Betar Kona-Jaska-Yahshaat-Mohmad-Amin).

In the largest research libraries in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, the United Kingdom you can find lots of interesting information about our ancestors.

Send our youth to study at the best universities of the world, scientific expeditions, to the country’s densely populated by ethnic Chechens and Ingush.

In the field of education: primary school should be only in their native language with gradual introduction of Russian and one foreign language.

Institute should work the problems of language, where they will conduct scientific research and field studies conducted with the involvement of archaeologists and archivists.

Nobody can live outside society and outside of its laws, regulations, ethics and morality. Despite the unity of human morality, nations differ in their culture. A culture of any nation – it is his conscience. I again want to recall the Code of Honor “Nohchalla” – through education knight.

Modern society is not degraded, as many are trying to present it, and go on its way to perfection. In hindsight, we live in today and try to build the future. Yesterday’s events have left a heavy impression on people. A whole generation has grown up in war. Despite the lack of social protection, the people had not forgotten how to love, trust, believe. Culture of any nation was formed during thousands of years and continues to be formed, despite the pace of life. “Bread and circuses” is always required and is definitely enough.

Human values are the same for any society. But here’s the national consciousness somehow weaker or stronger.

Mankind is aware of the tragedy and cruelty, the senselessness of bloody wars with the destruction of human capital. But people have not learned to live in peace, solving their problems at the negotiating table.

The scripture of Muslims – the Koran says: “Verily, We created you male and female, made you into nations and tribes that ye may know each other [to each other worked well]. After all, the noblest of you before Allah – the most pious” (Qur’an, Sura 49, verse 13)

And to know each other we can through the study of culture of the peoples inhabiting the globe.

Nobody can live outside the processes occurring in the world. It is impossible to isolate and live only by internal problems.

The collapse of the Soviet Union bared and brought to the surface all the hidden problems. Ex-state attempted to forcibly make all the atheists, people without faith, without a face. Utopian philosophy of communism did not have under a platform and relies only on demagoguery. National identity was formed through the mass media slogans of atheists against “the opium of the people.”

We must pay tribute to our people that the Chechens are not severed the connection between generations, do not turn away from God, and do not betray their country. Without the false pacifist slogans we love, and love our people and their culture, customs and traditions.

I am not afraid to say that the ordeal that befell our nation, strengthened our iman (Arabic: belief in the correctness of the Islamic tenets).

Enemies of mankind, not just Islam, are trying to divide us on Muminov, hypocrites, infidels. And this is just the attitude of people towards Islam. Compelled by force to Islam no one can be, but hang tags, sinful.

Necessary and sufficient condition for finding a man in Islam is a testimony of faith in one God (Allah) and the prophetic mission of Muhammad.

Can confidently say that we have not accepted Islam, the threat of death and pronounced Shahada (I bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except God (Allah), and I testify that Muhammad – Allah’s slave and Messenger) in full consciousness.

Our national identity is closely connected with our religion. All Chechens – Muslim – Sunni. No one can to divide us on religion. Lost people will return to the bosom of their families and realize the harmfulness of the wrong way in which Satan tried to divert them.

Religious leaders should set an example to strengthen the identity of people.

People can not replace consciousness with the alien essence.

No Western or Eastern civilization – are unacceptable to us. We have our own code of honor, and that’s it. We can not be in search of something new. Thereby, we only delude ourselves. Customs and traditions, passed down our ancestors, have carefully preserved and passed on to the next generation. And do not we try to build the Third Rome.

Economic and socio-psychological factors affect the development of national consciousness. It’s no secret that identity, as a form of collectivism is in deep decline and is in critical condition. Years of war threw back to us many years ago. Rather than build a city, we tried to survive in any way. Post-war syndrome will continue for a couple of decades. We should remember the children of war who are now awakening to adulthood.

Part of the people who left their homeland, were forced to integrate into the hitherto alien to their society. Who will support their collective identity?

Intercultural equality and tolerance should be at the head of the collective consciousness in the language question. Do not forget that we live next to speakers of other languages and other cultures. National minorities are represented in our society should have equal rights and opportunities for us. No one should reduce their role in the development of society at this time.

Need to be tolerant in matters of religion: the study and propagation of religion. Emerging children’s thinking should be protected from violent forced learning of a very.It is need to give equal knowledge of world religions.

Social role of women should be seen as a source of conservation values of the Chechen society. Release women from overwork at the expense of state social grants. It is high time to revise the school system and go to a separate study in high school. Widely introduced home-based early childhood education with a grant for this purpose. Expand the network of houses of creativity and interest clubs.

Without social protection can not talk about confidence in the future.

Proper allocation of funds and the formation of the labor market must be adapted to the national economy (the mentality of the economy).

Only social justice can give us the impetus to a surge of spiritual morality and economic growth. Without the fight against corruption can not talk about social justice.

Today many talk about the mono-ethnic in our society and see it as a problem.

Tell me, when our society was not mono-ethnic? Almost all villages of our republic have been mono-ethnic, but it did not prevent us to live and make friends with neighbors. Is there not among us tapes, which came from other nations? Is there ever a people that we took for an enemy? Internationalism, the Chechens have yet to learn. Today we are trying to rise from the ashes and to declare itself as a benevolent nation.

The rise of self-consciousness of society lies in the rise of cultural values, respect the past and future, strengthening the family and self-identity.

So help us God!

Zura Itsmeolord


  • Lucina said:

    I would be most glad to help compile the english-chechen dictionary. I have great respect and interest in your culture. Do let me know.

  • Zura said:

    Lucina, let us do it/ I am ready to start
    my e-mail:

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