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Appeal from the Military Leadership of Noxchicho (Ichkeria)

Submitted by on Wednesday, 9 February 2011.    2,877 views One Comment
Appeal from the Military Leadership of Noxchicho (Ichkeria)

As it well known, in of September 2010, Chechen mujahedeen and their leadership left Dokka Umarov, who is the self-declared “Emir” of the virtual “Caucasus Emirate”, and published a public appeal. However for technical reasons, we can just now publish the material in English.

Here is the appeal:

Aslanbek Vadalov, Commander of the Eastern Front of Noxchicho:

Seek refuge with Allah from the evil curse of Satan!
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful!
Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds!
Praise be to Allah, the One God, and blessing the last of the prophets!
Peace be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings!

We are gathered here with the intent to launch an appeal to our compatriots, for that is the will of Allah. The purpose of our appeal – to explain to our brothers and sisters abroad, the situation in recent years in the country, and bring to them our decision.

If we start talking to you about all this, we and the time would not be enough. In addition, we are not accustomed to speak here in these conversations.

The situation today in Noxchicho… Dokka has been in power for 4 years. Eveything has started from this term. Every decision was made without considering the opinion of the Mujahedeen, even the majlis was not performed.

The consolidation of fronts and the establishing of the Emirate was in the same way. Nevertheless, all the mujahedeen, who came out to jihad, the word of Allah above all else, and today continue to work on this road, didn’t talk about it. And now you are aware of the situation somehow.

All these problems started after the announcement of the “Caucasus Emirate”. Mujahedeen have been working hard in Allah’s way, giving their souls in the name of Allah, and went to martyrdom [mujahid desire to be shaheed]. In the best of their ability trying to establish the religion of Allah and to exalt the Word of Allah, our brothers stood firm on this path.

Today we continue to follow this path, which once reached. By Allah, we are not descended from that path, and are not going to go.

The situation today, gave us no other way that we left from Dokka. We have not found another way. We have had many meetings and conferences. Despite this, in the end, we made the final decision: we are unable to drag this man, if we want to continue. We want you to know it.

We, the Mujahedeen from all Noxchicho, withdrew our Bayat [oath of Office to Dokka]. This split is not from us. InshaAllah, Khuseyn and Tarkhan will tell you the reasons for the revocation of our Bayat. This decision is not taken by me alone. All of our brothers who are here, see no gleam, no future, no prospects, however, they see only an impasse that is currently in the presence. Finally, relying on Allah, we decided that we have no right to follow evil. How hard it is, we have to solve it without opposing to be in the framework, drawn by Allah. By this, we aspire it also.

This decision was not intended to separate us from our brothers in Dagestan, Ingushetia, Kabarda, Cherkessia, etc. They are our brothers and InshaAllah, they will stay like it. And the path that we have, we have one and the same.

So why have we made this decision? We have no right to continue to follow the evil because it is one of this man, and Allah will not let us for it. We spent time at the majlis, met repeatedly with each other, and eventually learned the opinion of each mujahid. After all this came the decision.

Emirate… You do not think that the reason for our split is exactly about the creation of the Noxchicho, Ichkeria, or do we want more of something? No, of course. Our intentions, Allah sees it – is to establish Allah’s Law, Sharia, the liberation of our people, the Caucasus, all Muslims, InshaAllah. All our great Amirs, gone from us -Maskhadov and Shamil, and Abdul-Khalim, Akhmadov and Barayev – had the same intentions. Besides the fact that today here are those names changed, there is no other change. I say this so that you know the intention of each mujahid.

On these changes, today we had a majlis. At this Majlis, we decided that Khuseyn must be Amir of Noxchicho and Tarkhan must be his naib. Here are, the changes have occurred.

We declare that all mujahedeen of Noxchicho are united and are under a single discipline [Nizam], InshaAllah. We all presented our Bayat[Alliegence] for Amir Khuseyn, InshaAllah.

I appeal to all brothers abroad who worry about this situation. Be united and not separated, don’t label each other with different tags. If you worry about the Muslims and you have pure intentions, be united in the way of Allah and pray for us, for the liberation of our country. Help all that you can – money, words, etc. Say only what will bring us benefit. Be our brothers in the future.

In all that you do, let this be the only one prayer, the main thing – that it was in the name of Allah. Be united and help liberate our people who are subjected to the mocking of enemies. To do so – it is a duty that Allah has laid on each person. Based on this, be united in the name of Allah, and work in this way. Please provide all parties with all possible help and assistance possible: be it money, be it prayer, whether it’s in your souls. That is here what I wanted to tell you.

I’m not such a wizard to guide these conversations. InshaAllah, everything else that was here, as well as about our situation here, Khuseyn will tell you in greater detail. And then, Tarkhan will speak to you.

Peace be upon you!

Khuseyn Gakayev, Amir Noxchicho:

Seek refuge with Allah from the evil curse of Satan!
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful!
Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds!
Peace and blessings be upon himself worthy of the prophets and messengers of our master Muhammad, his family and all his companions.

And then… I want to start our appeal with words of greetings to all Muslims: “Peace be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings!”

You’ve probably heard about the situation that prevailed here. Aslanbek told you a little bit about it. How could you not hear about it – when on the radio, everywhere about this and calling it “childish games”. Well, actually it’s brought up “children’s games”.

Allah knows how we suffered and what efforts are exerted so as not to bring this situation to the current state. Allah also sees, how we made efforts to mend matters and to put water its way, with the power which we take from Him. We ask for Allah’s forgiveness. We couldn’t do anything to prevent such kinds of things from happen.

Why could not we do this? As you know, we have proclaimed the Caucasus Emirate. InshaAllah, this is a good deal from him with a big favor. However, this was done without consulting all the Mujahedeen. But despite this, thanks to Allah, we believed that it came from Allah and we did not have an objection to it so far.

Parallel with this, they quietly abolished the majlis – and from this everything started. Because of this, our Iman and Barakah (the spiritual power or wisdom that resides in holy places and people) left. In the times of Aslan, Abdul-Khalim, Shamil, the majlis functioned as a consultative body that would decide on any question. Therefore, the luck to travel with us. But lately, during these last three years, at first slowly and then completely, the Majlis al-Shura was abolished. When this happened, we started to feel that Iman and Barakat had left us. After that there was a situation in which nothing was impossible to punish the person who committed the error or to allow oversight.

Otherwise there was no way. We never violate that we promise. We endured in silence in order not to break our oath; we consoled ourselves in that Dokka is the Amir who was presented the oaths by Muhajedeen. So it went until today.

Compatriots! I tell you all these things to have a clear understanding of current situation here. Each of you should consider yourself the changes here with showing a great sensitivity. All of you must understand the essence of these events.

We have exhausted all options and finding no way, then we finally had to gather the majlis, which was invited to the Emirate’s Amir Dokka. We told him: “Look, brother, which kind of situation we are in? Where are we going? That’s it, here it is… ” After discussing these and other problematic issues, unanimously suggested: “Come on, declare Aslanbek who had been appointed naib Amir by you, as a new Amir, and let’s continue our movement. Let’s see, what we can do after this…”. It was a unanimous decision, and it was sold at majlis.

However, less than two or three days passed over the decision of majlis, a new appeal [Dokka], which caused worldwide storm of malevolence and taunts like “child’s play”, was appeared at internet. [Dokka] began to reject his previous statement with senseless and nonsense words as “unrealistic” and “drama”.

After that, we, the Mujahedeen of Noxchicho, met once again and, finding no other way out, restored majlis among us, InshaAllah.

And now I will introduce you to the authority of the Majlis.

In our decision, today, the Mujahedeen brothers burden the responsibility on my shoulders, defining me by Amir Noxchicho and Tarkhan as my naib. In this majlis we are consisted: I, like Amir; my Naib Tarkhan; Aslanbek; Muhannad; all Amirs of fronts and sectors, as well as the old mujahedeen.

InshaAllah, we now have a majlis, and it will continue InshaAllah. Our efforts to restore the Majlis, which was non-functional so far,have not been in vain. Majlis restored!

What is the order once we have established in the Majlis? Majlis has the right to change the Amir. If the Amir made a mistake (for example, if today I made mistakes, beyond the Sharia), if Amir begins to avoid big mistakes and when he once, twice, three times, ten times pointed to his mistakes, and he does not want to improve, then going to the majlis and a majority vote dismisses him, InshaAllah.

What else? We have created two majlis – Big and Small. In Small majlis includes: Amir Noxchicho; his Naib Amir; front Amirs; and three Amirs from each of the front on the side of [East], and on this side [the West] – 10 people. Among them – I, Aslanbek, Muhannad, Tarkhan from the front on this side; from the Western Front, there are: Zumso, Abu-Muslim, and Abdulla; from the front on the side of [East] – Makhran, Muslim and Zaurbek. Thus, we created a small majlis of 10 persons.

I repeat, there is a large majlis, in which are I, Tarkhan, Aslanbek, Muhannad, the Amirs of two fronts, Amirs all sectors, as well as the old mujahedeen.

Thus, by virtue of our ability, InshaAllah, we have attempted to establish justice. We are confident that, thanks to this, Allah will give us “Barakah”, InshaAllah. If such a person can not change, it is impossible to release, the person gets up whatever he pleases.

InshaAllah, in this Majlis, we agreed: The Majlis gave Amir the right to contact with all of our compatriots abroad, until the conclusion of the agreement with them and assist each other. It turned out that we have a lot of people who, because of certain circumstances, were declared apostates and hypocrites. If these people are under the Word of Allah and accept Sharia law, relying on Allah, if they are not opposed to the current Jihad in our country, if they worry about the Chechen people and are willing to rescue Noxchicho from those occupants; unless they betray against the Noxchicho and became apostates and hypocrites; anyone, any group of people will be our addressee. These rights were given by the majlis.

I would like call out to those who arre outside the country. We will not alienate you from ourselves, InshaAllah. Any of you who adheres to the above 5 points, he is our brother, InshaAllah, and any assistance from him will be greeted with gratitude. Once again I want to repeat these items in the list: to be subservient to Allah, observe the laws of Shariah, to recognize the current Jihad in the Caucasus; worry for his people and be willing to release Noxchicho from those occupants, infidels, hypocrites and apostates. Do you want to help the Mujahedeen? Gladly, we will not alienate you.

If you have any advice, please send it to us, if you really worry about the your people, your country, Muslim Ummah. Any advice, let it be even 10 or more people, we will put on the Majlis debate, which will decide whether to do this, we use it or not, and then we will take from you any help. We will be happy to see your good and useful advice.

We are not proud and not so stubborn. We know our current condition. We are very miserable. Our support is only Allah. We do not have great opportunities. But, despite their absence, however, we believe in the power and force of Allah and believing on this, went to the Jihad against the infidel government, against the great Russia, as well as against the hypocrites and apostates. And on this path we will stand up to the end, satisfied that we have.

Do not think that if we made these changes, we depart from the Jihad, is separated from the Emirate. Of course not. InshaAllah, we will work hard in Allah’s way and then, even more than before. Once again I say, we are not separated from the Emirate. We only withdraw our Bayat to Dokka. We draw back, InshaAllah, because we have the fear of Allah: if we continue to follow this man, Allah will bestow on us a big punishment. If a person ignores the majlis, if a person is not advised by his brothers, then such a person does not deserve to be Amir.

If a person fears from the Majlish, and does everything by himself, in this case, this man is not worthy to be Amir, it’s not the Sifat [quality] of Amir. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) has determined what should be the Sifats of an Amir.

He would adhere his words instead of changing his views two or three days after the end of the Majlis. Hence, this man is not free in his actions, someone manages him, who has acted outside according to a program. And in this case he did not deserve to be Amir.

Therefore, we make this decision, because we couldn’t find a formula (even though for a long time we searched). More than a month, as we persistently searched for at least some out of this situation before it gets disclosure. And we could not find, for this reason described above, with the draw back our Bayat from [Dokka].

But we are not separated from the Emirate, InshaAllah. We are not separated from our brothers in Vilayat Dagestan, Ingushetia, Vilayat, Vilayat Kabarda [Balkaria and Karachay], from the Nogai, InshaAllah. They are our brothers. But, until that person is in charge, we will not follow him. If they [our brothers in other vilayats] wake up, come to their senses and say: “Come on, we need to change the Amir” then, InshaAllah, we will continue to walk together as part of the Emirate.

As we talked, we had elected Aslanbek as our Amir unanimously. But it was broken in two days. We could find no other way out, we gave a vow – not follow the Amir, and stand firmly on it. This view is not by one person, neither Khuseyn nor Aslanbek, nor Tarkhan, InshaAllah. We firmly stand alltogether on this. It was established at the majlis. It will not pass an opinion of one person – no matter how strong he was and how big it was not Amir. Opinion of the Majlis, totally unanimous decision of the Mujahideen, we have ceased to follow this man [Dokka] and withdrew our Bayat.

The purpose of our appeal was to inform you about the current situation.

We ask all our fellow citizens who are at home and abroad, pray for us: to ask Allah to guide us to the path of justice, to ask Allah to help all of us to send away these infidels, hypocrites and apostates from our country. It is the responsibility of everyone. It is the duty of us all. Please do not stand neutral and take part in this matter. Those who are abroad: help the Mujahedeen as far as possible, do not throw the Mujahedeen.

As you can see, now we have introduced you to the course of events here. We chose our way and did not retreat one iota. InshaAllah, until the delivery of our souls in our bodies, we will fight to the end, InshaAllah. We ask Allah for Shahada (Martrydom) on this path and paradise, InshaAllah.

So, I spoke briefly. And now, InshaAllah, our brother Tarkhan will add something to my words.

Tarkhan Gaziyev, Naib Amir Noxchicho:

Seek refuge in Allah from the evil curse of Satan!
Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful!
Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds!
Peace and blessings be upon our prophet, his family and all his companions.

I want to appeal to our brothers and sisters in faith with greeting of peace.

Aslanbek and Khuseyn told basically about the situation that prevailed here all around us. There is nothing much to add to this.

I would like to say: since then, both in our country started certain events – the first time, when Dudaev came to power, and then, when Maskhadov was in power, despite the fact that changing the name of the country – Ichkeria, Emirate, these events have not changed our hearts. And we will, InshaAllah, still continues on the path of Allah (do not know what happened to some).

We have never had different intentions: when there was a formerly Ichkeria – one intention, when today there is an Emirate – another intention. Our intentions have always been: to clean our country from the enemies of Allah, to establish Sharia law in protecting the poor and unfortunate people and to raise our future generations in the Muslim faith. Our brothers who joined the jihad and are among us with such intentions, now leave us as they become shaheed, InshaAllah. When these names are changed, then do not think that these changes took place in our hearts.

Khuseyn told you about the many events that happened here. But, why we decided not to follow Dokka? He is not approach to consult with any person, except with himself. If he consulted with somebody, then, without going far, he immediately changes his mind. You’ve probably heard the statement made by him recently, which became set a good example for all people. That is, that’s the case.

We, that these two brothers already said, established the majlis. InshaAllah, we have come to an agreement. And now let’s talk a little background. Earlier, when he [Dokka] decided to proclaim the Emirate, he did so without consulting any of us. And today, when all the Mujahedeen from Noxchicho came to him and asked him to withdraw from this position, he flatly refused to do so. We have withdrawn our Bayats and departed from this man, finding no other way out of this situation.

Our brothers and sisters in faith, living next door to us, InshaAllah, will understand us correctly. I think that, they will understand and they will join us, too.

I am addressing to people from Vainak nation who has a little bit patrioticism; to our brothers and sisters; to all Muslims, you don’t have any right to monitoring as from afar or stay without helping us in this way. Do not forget us, and help us in every way possible, it is a duty that lies upon all of you.

InshaAllah, my brothers and sisters. We will purify our land from the enemies and meet with each other in the near future, InshaAllah. Please be vigilant in this matter and do not slander us in the back. None of us should not be unjust and not go down the path indicated by Allah. For many years we are working hard to make Islam dominant, to establish Nizam [Sharia], Schur [majlis], etc. in our lands. We have been successful at some things, inshaAllah.

Dokka didn’t take responsibility upon himself, no matter how we tried. He was talking something today in the Majlis, but the following day he was talking one thing different which he build in his head. Here it is which has happened and we left from him.

There is also nobody who knows him better than us. So, think about all this. We have withdrawn our Bayats and came out of his submission. We couldn’t find any reason to follow him. We’ve thought about it. We have prayed and asked Allah not to disturb the harmony among Muslims. When there wasn’t remain any ways for reaching an understanding, then we have decided to no longer follow him.

As Khuseyn’s said, everyone who cares for us, who worried about our people and our country, who has material and other facilities, who is faithful to Allah; if you are not our enemies, we must help each other – as much as we can. And the people who are unable to help us financially, they may pray for us. That’s what I wanted to say.

Peace be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings!

Khuseyn Gakayev, Amir Noxchicho:

I have nothing to add or correct what was said by our brothers. Thus, we have introduced you to the changes.

It is the duty for all to participate in Jihad. Allah does not exempt anyone from it. Therefore, you have no right to stand aside.

Anyone who wants to help us, who wants to participate in Jihad, we will not alienate them, InshaAllah. We have only few worries that your treats each other like enemies and disagreements between yourself, before came to us. We told that we are asking you our 5 points: to be subservient to Allah, observe the laws of Shariah etc. If you approve these conditions, then you are our brother. We will listen what these people say, and consult with them.

But we will not allow anybody to rule us, InshaAllah. And our quarrel with those who we left, was because of this. We will not allow anyone to use the mujahedeen, InshaAllah. We do not care what the names of these people. For us, it is only a Mujahid. As even if we die in poverty or hunger; the mujahedeen will not allow any person from outside to rule them inshaAllah. And we will keep our word at our intention, inshaAllah.

If you are able to help on these subjects what were said by us, we need also your help and your assistance. I say this to all the people in abroad.

I don’t know your names and I am not acquainted with you. You must be a lot who couldn’t developed relationships with those who came before us. If you are under the Word of Allah, if you care for your people, please tell us which kind help or assistance possible from your side. But you will be depend to the Mujahedeen, and you will not to command them, InshaAllah.

Even if we became emaciated or die due to hunger; neither Mujahedeen nor Amirs will not stop fighting. We will not allow anyone to make a puppet out of a mujahid, and manipulate them, InshaAllah.

Please help as much as you can, and send your news. Over time, you will learn all of our representatives in abroad, when we define them.

You may hear a lot of allegation or defamation about us. Most of them even came to our ears. They have already began like “Tarkhan is with Zakayev”, “another is together with another”… And tomorrow, they will begin to rumors like that we are KGB agents, traitors etc. You must know that the people who come up with these stories, are together with them. Therefore, we will not stop due to “scared” from such kind of conversations; because people told our Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah) “sorcerer”, “stingy” and so on. And then struck him and knocked out a tooth. And we all have a weakness that we can quickly accuse people and quickly will believe the words of these mindless people.

Whatever they say about us, we will not make it a problem with the help by Allah, inshaAllah. They will not bother us with these words. Therefore, we stand firmly, we took a decision and left from Dokka. We would like to say only one phrase to all those who tell tales and slander about us: “Zhazakallah hayran (Yes Allah will reward you with good!)”. When we reached to Allah, then there -we and you-, all of us will have to give answer.

We know well for what purposes we came out [in Jihad], what we did. And everyone knows it, as well as those who writes gossips about us.

For this reason, I recommend people to not listen these rumors. In accordance with your capabilities, provide us your assistance.

I have nothing more to say to you, and have nothing to add. On this reason, we conclude the conversation now.


Peace be upon you and Allah’s mercy and His blessings!
Allah is Great!

*Text was translated by Waynakh Online and edited by Michael Capobianco

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  • wellWisher said:

    Good luck in your struggle! It is sad to see these people living emaciated in the forrests, while scumbags like Kadyrov live in splendid palaces.

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