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Chechen Teens Saved Dozens of Children During Norway Massacre

Submitted by on Tuesday, 16 August 2011.    3,629 views 2 Comments
Chechen Teens Saved Dozens of Children During Norway Massacre

Two Chechen teenagers who survived last month’s massacre on Norway’s Utoeya Island said they pelted right-wing radical terrorist Anders Breivik with stones and saved lives.

Movsar Dzhamayev, 17, and Rustam Daudov, 16, told the Norwegian Dagbladet daily that they were reminded of the war in their native Chechnya after seeing Breivik killing three people in front of their eyes on July 22.

“I have seen people being shot before in my country when I was small and had flashbacks,” Dzhamayev said in the interview published late last week.

But after speaking to his father by cell phone, he pulled himself together. “My dad said, ‘Attack the perpetrator and do it properly,'” he said.

With a third unidentified friend, the teens armed themselves with stones and returned to the scene only to witness Breivik killing another young camper on the island outside Oslo.

“We stood three meters from him and wanted to beat him, but then he shot one of our friends in the head. So we just threw the stones and ran for our lives,” Daudov said.

While he was unsure whether he hit Breivik, Dzhamyev said he was certain he had.

“First he howled and then turned to me and shouted, “jævla svarting (damned nigger),” he said.

The teens said they decided that it was too difficult to stop the gunman and better to save lives. They discovered a cave-like opening in a rock where they managed to hide 23 children from Breivik, who ended up killing 69 people at the camp and eight more people in a bombing in central Oslo.

Dzhamayev, who kept guard outside, also dragged three youngsters from the lake who were close to drowning.

The two Chechens, who both live in Norway, said they first met each other at the summer camp and immediately became close friends.

Norway has a sizable population of Chechens, most of whom came as refugees from the wars that have ravaged the Russian occupied Chechen Republic of Ichkeria over the past 15 years.


  • jihan said:

    may god save the good ppl of chechnya,they are born heroes

  • Roman L. Comer said:

    I agree fully,…yes, they are born heroes!

    This story inspires me very much! These two heroes saved lives, and though the names are difficult for me to remember, I hope I can honor the good, they have done in their lives, by doing some thing good and heroic like them, in mine.

    I posted this story in many places, because it fills my heart with something wonderful, to see tomorrow’s heroes and leaders, saving lives, here and now! May God bless them and their kinsmen, and people, and my may God, (Jehovah Jireh) always provide them safe refuge, safe homes, clean water, good food, good friends to dance the lezginka with, prosperity, peace, good employment, and good jobs, heavenly protection in the company of God’s holy angels, and may God always provide them with the blessed lawyers, publicity, jurys, judges, and trials to acquire just, fair payment of damages, and protection from the enemies of freedom, and protection from the Russian Terrorists, which are the wicked FSB/former KGB, under Putin, all in Jesus (peace be upon him)Christ’s name. Amen.

    I should think that some 4 year universities around the globe should be soliciting these heroes and their friends, with scholarships to get degrees in international relations, and international law, especially with respect to international laws on genocides,and the punishments and efforts to prevent genocides like the ones against the Chechen people, performed by Russia, performed by the Soviet Union, and also once more performed by Russia prior to the existance of the Soviet Union. These brave heroes could thereby follow in the footsteps of Raphael Lemkin,the international lawyer, who organized the Nuremburg Trials for the NAZI SS, and in Lemkin’s footsteps also bring criminals with atrocities against humanity, like Putin and Yuri Budanov to justice, so that Putin and the Russians can be brought to court for their crimes against humanity at the Hague, just like Milosevic was! May it be so, in the precious name of Jesus(peace be upon Him) amen. God’s will be done, and may God’s ophanim/Wheels,: angels of justice and righteousness, bring justice, swiftly and fairly! Amen!
    I plead the blood of Jesus, over Chechnya, the Chechen people, and their freedom, and independence, and need for justice. Amen.

    I pray that the evil doers, such as Vladimir Putin, the FSB, and the murderers of the Chechen refugees in Turkey, and the murderers which dropped the bomb on Great President Dzokkar Dudayev, a great leader, and a great peacemaker, all be brought to justice before the Hague, just as Milosevic was, and also just as the Nazis went to the Nuremburg trials, all in Glorious Jesus Christ’s name. Amen. CLABA DJOKKAR! CLABA NOXCHAI CBObODA! Aminb!

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