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Sex Slavery and Death Await Women Seized by Kadyrov’s Bandits

Submitted by on Tuesday, 16 August 2011.    11,453 views 8 Comments
Sex Slavery and Death Await Women Seized by Kadyrov’s Bandits

An article which was published by The Sunday Times, points that members of the security forces of Ramzan Kadyrov, the pro-Russian head of the bloody regime in the Russian occupied Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, are accused of turning a young mother into a sex slave.

Here is the entire article:

When Zalina Israilova was abandoned by the father of her new-born daughter, she was anxious about life as a single mother in her native Chechnya, a violent and deeply conservative Muslim republic. Nothing could have prepared her for the horrors to come.

For Israilova’s former lover, a senior member of the feared security forces of Ramzan Kadyrov, failed to intervene when some of his fellow militiamen turned the young mother into a sex slave.

She was abducted and taken to a training base where she was kept locked up and under armed guard with 10 other young women. They were kept naked and raped daily by militiamen who also beat them.

At least one of the girls was shot dead by her rapist after she sought help. Others suffered miscarriages and two became pregnant and gave birth at the base.

After surviving four months in captivity, Israilova fled with the help of a guard who took pity on her. Deeply traumatised and terrified that her former jailers would find her and kill her, she lived in St Petersburg and briefly abroad.

Then in April this year, when her brother reassured her that she would be safe and reunited with the daughter she had seen only twice in five years, Israilova, 33, returned home.

Shortly after going back, the young mother was killed and buried in an unmarked grave, sources in Chechnya told The Sunday Times last week. The crime has not been reported and officially nobody is searching for her.

“Israilova’s story is deeply shocking,” said a human rights activist who met the young mother last year. “But the horrible truth no one dares talk about is that in Chechnya such crimes against women are becoming more frequent. They’re simply hushed up. The perpetrators are above the law because often they are members of Kadyrov’s security forces.”

After two particularly brutal wars between the Russian army and freedom fighters, Chechnya is stable and has been rebuilt. But critics say that under Kadyrov, who was made president by the Kremlin in 2007, women are bearing the brunt of an increasingly strict Islamic rule.

Those deemed to be dressed improperly have been attacked in the street. Honour killings, in which men murder female relatives thought to have brought shame on the family by violating the republic’s moral codes, are on the rise. Such killings have been publicly endorsed by Kadyrov.

“Women branded by our men as being of loose morals are condemned. Stray dogs are treated more humanely,” another human rights activist said. “There is good reason to believe that there are other secret places like the base where Israilova was held as a sex slave. But how long can Kadyrov and his patrons back in Moscow keep turning a blind eye to such crimes?”

Born in Mesker-Yurt, a hamlet in central Chechnya, Israilova lost her mother when she was 10. She was raised by her grandmother but when she died, the girl moved back with her father and her two brothers. Relatives said she lived there for a few years but was unhappy and fled, a shameful act in Chechnya’s sternly patriarchal society.

Pretty, with large dark eyes and slender features, five years ago Israilova fell in love with a militiaman loyal to Kadyrov, then the republic’s [pro-Russian] prime minister. Known as the Kadyrovtsy, the militias have been accused of abducting, torturing and executing suspected Islamic militants — allegations Kadyrov vehemently denies.

Three months after she gave birth to her daughter, Elina, the militiaman jilted Israilova. Soon after, he married another woman and took Elina away from her mother.

“Zalina was in a bad way, she missed her daughter terribly,” the relative said. “She’d come and stay with me but it put me in a difficult position. The turn her life had taken made her a pariah. Being associated with her would bring shame on me, too. I wanted to help but there was little I could do.”

The relative said that on several occasions men from Kadyrov’s security forces drove Israilova away in cars with tinted windows. “Zalina said the men had threatened to kill her if she refused. They treated her like a plaything. I was close to her and felt sorry but was powerless.”

In late 2008, Israilova vanished. The following spring, she revealed in a confidential meeting with three local human rights activists, including investigator Natalya Estemirova, that she had been held as a sex slave at the Kadyrov militia base.

She said she and other girls had been subjected to unspeakable violence. “They even raped them with bottles,” one activist said last week. “They were kept naked in one big room where they slept, ate and washed. At night the men would come in and rape at will. Whenever they were driven to and from the base they were blindfolded. Girls would come and go. They were in a terrible state. Some simply vanished.”

A few months before the meeting, seven young girls thought to have been prostitutes were found dead in a field on the outskirts of Grozny, the Chechen capital. They had been shot in the heart and head. Kadyrov welcomed what he described as honour killings, but some activists suspect the victims had suffered the same fate as Israilova.

Israilova claimed to Estemirova and her colleagues that some of the men at the base were close to Kadyrov. She said one girl had managed to steal the mobile phone of a senior militiaman who had raped her. She found Kadyrov’s private mobile number on it and called him to plead for help.

According to Israilova, an angry Kadyrov called the militiaman to berate him for allowing “one of your whores” to call him. The incident led to the girl being gunned down.

“[Estemirova] believed Zalina,” said a source who was at the meeting. “She was visibly traumatised and terrified.”

The source said Estemirova had planned to write a report on the alleged abuse of women by Kadyrov’s security forces. She wanted to gather more evidence and sought a second meeting with Israilova. But in July 2009 the formidable activist and fierce Kadyrov critic was kidnapped and murdered by suspected members of Chechnya’s pro-Russian security forces.

After hearing about Israilova’s ordeal, The Sunday Times tracked her down in St Petersburg last November. She agreed to meet a Chechen intermediary.

“She was still frightened and emotionally scarred, but she gave exactly the same account she’d given to Estemirova in Grozny,” the intermediary said. “You could see she’d been through hell.”

Israilova tentatively agreed to tell her story on condition that her name was not revealed. The meeting, however, never took place as she travelled to France and Turkey for treatment for internal injuries sustained during her ordeal.

Four separate sources in Chechnya last week said she had been murdered. A relative said she thought that Israilova’s brother had been pressured into luring his sister back by the men who had held her at the base. She also blamed them for the murder.

“The urge to see her daughter again was too strong. They killed Zalina because of what she knew and what she’d seen,” a tearful relative said. “Should anyone ever ask questions, it’s easy to pin the murder on her brother and dismiss it as an honour killing. But no one is even looking for her.”

Such violence against women is on the rise. Last month a Chechen man turned himself in to police after his two daughters were gunned down at home with an AK-47 assault rifle.

In an improbable tale, the father, Ruslan Musayev, claimed he had accidentally shot one of the girls after she had killed her sister with the automatic weapon. But it has since emerged that one of the teenagers, who were 15 and 19, had become pregnant. Police suspect Musayev murdered the two young girls in an honour killing.

Last year witnesses saw a young woman being abducted by pro-Russian security forces who bundled her into a car and sped off. Her fate is unknown. Weeks later another girl was found dead in a field, apparently having been shot at close range.

Kadyrov, 34, who has two wives, has publicly endorsed polygamy and has described women as the property of their husbands. He also caused outrage by sullying Estemirova’s memory.

Human rights activists said murders of women were revealed only in the rare cases when a body was found. Honour killings are covered up by relatives.

Murders by the pro-Russian security forces go unreported either for fear of reprisals or to avoid bringing shame on the family of the victim.

“Girls like Zalina simply vanish,” said an activist. “No one will ever face justice for what happened to her. Officially peace may have returned to Chechnya but terrible things are happening there still.”

Mark Franchetti
14.08.2011-The Sunday Times


  • Lucina said:

    an insult to Islam and to the Chechens. Deeply disturbing, and not comes throught as a sign of th backwardness of the north caucasus

  • ahmed said:

    just teribble ,poetin doesn’t do anything about it either,if i had everyone i loved here in europe,i wouldn’t ever think or talk about chechnya

  • Roman L. Comer said:

    If Chechen women, don’t stand up for their rights and freedoms instead of commiting Suicide Bombings in Russian Airports? Who will?

    And Chechen women, which already have a president named Kadyrov, don’t stand up and remind Kadyrov to do his job, instead of watching soccer games, like Terek Groznya, in the stadium in Groznya, inbetween showing off his lamburguini collection to both wives, why should Putin, or anyone else stand up for them?

    The women which came forward to share the information in this article deserve a lot of recognition for their courage!!!

    But, you forget something!

    Lucina, Ahmed, Poetin/Putin, did do something!

    After the suicide bombing of the Russian Airport, Putin vowed revenge against the Chechen People!

    Putin helped organize the genocide and war of the Chechen People once more in 1994, through the present!

    And yet, someone asks why doesn’t Putin do something about this?

    What a ridiculous question!!!

    Chechens don’t get justice in Chechnya under Kadyrov, or Putin, and anyone who pays attention knows this!

    Chechens have to go to the European Courts of Human Rights, in order to get any justice, and even then, it is an uphill battle!

    If the Chechen people had access to justice, education, and employment in Chechnya, under Russian rule, then all of the Refugees would be overjoyed to come home to family waiting for them, and thanking them like heroes for all the supplies they sent home to help through the wartorn times! Huh! We know reality is much different, and Putin’s hands are coverred with blood, of innocent women and children Chechnya!

    Instead, unemployment in the Northern Causcaus is rampant, and women become sex slaves, or murdered by family members, and Kadyrov continues playing soccer with Maradona, and recieving moneys from many illegal sources like the Russian Mafia Drug Cartels, and collecting lamburginis and enjoying his two wives, and may even choose to share with local journalists about how much he enjoys his harems at some point!

    Oh, yeah, if Chechens don’t stand up for their human rights, instead of making war, why should anyoneelse???

    If Dudayev were still ruling Groznya, it would not be like this! God bless Chechen Independence, and Chechen Oil Interests, and Chechen Democracy, even if just a sliver of all three such things exists at the present time, in Jesus name. Amen.

  • Roman L. Comer said:

    Storming of Grozny

    This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (May 2008)
    Main article: Battle of Grozny (1994-1995)

    A Chechen fighter near the burned-out ruins of the Presidential Palace in Grozny, January 1995
    When the Russians besieged the Chechen capital, thousands of civilians died from a week-long series of air raids and artillery bombardment in the heaviest bombing campaign in Europe since the destruction of Dresden.[20] The initial assault on the New Year’s Eve of 1995 ended in a major Russian defeat, resulting in heavy casualties and at first nearly a complete breakdown of morale in the Russian forces. The disaster claimed lives of an estimated 1,000 to 2,000 Russian soldiers, mostly barely trained and disoriented conscripts; the worst losses were suffered by the 131st ‘Maikop’ Motor Rifle Brigade, completely destroyed in the fighting near the central railway station.[18] Despite the early Chechen defeat of the New Year assault and many further casualties, Grozny was eventually conquered by Russian forces amidst bitter urban warfare. After armored assaults failed, the Russian military set out to pulverize the sealed-off city into submission using air power and artillery, at the same time accusing their enemies of using civilians as human shields by preventing them from leaving the capital as it came under continued bombardment.[21] On January 7, 1995, Russia’s Major-General Viktor Vorobyov was killed by mortar fire, becoming the first on a long list of generals to be killed in Chechnya. On January 19, despite heavy casualties, Russian forces seized the ruins of the Chechen presidential palace, which had been heavily contested for more than three weeks as Chechens finally abandoned their positions in the destroyed downtown area. The battle for the southern part of the city continued until the official end on March 6, 1995.
    By the estimates of Yeltsin’s human rights adviser Sergey Kovalev, about 27,000 civilians died in the first five weeks of fighting. Russian historian and general Dmitri Volkogonov said the Russian military’s bombardment of Grozny killed around 35,000 civilians, including 5,000 children, and that the vast majority of those killed were ethnic Russians. While military casualties are not known, the Russian side admitted to having lost nearly 2,000 soldiers killed or missing.[22] The bloodbath of Grozny shocked Russia and the outside world, causing severe criticism of the war. International monitors from the OSCE described the scenes as nothing short of an “unimaginable catastrophe”, while former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev called the war a “disgraceful, bloody adventure” and German Chancellor Helmut Kohl called it “sheer madness”.[23]

    All I’ve done is copy this and paste it from Wikepedia! But there is more! Much more! My question, is why isn’t the world, UN, Red Cross, and other Human Rights Advocates doing more for the victims of these crimes? Maybe Victor Yushchenko, James Mace, Raphael Lemkin, Anna Politkovskaya, George Gongadze, even Yulia Tymoshenko, Robert Conquest, and Gareth Richard Vaughan Jones, would all do more, if they were not in jail, or dead, or they weren’t busy trying to cover other crimes! May God have mercy on Chechnya, and all her kin and family! Why hasn’t Turkey interrogated the murderers of the three chechens just murdered in Turkey? Where is justice?
    well I’ve got more to share with you! I can only do so much. I’m just some guy following along, trying to take in the information, and share it with as many people as posible. But what do people here want? They want to see the American Economy back to doing what it is suppose to. They want to discuss the latest baseball game, or soccer match, or Barak Obama’s speech, or the problems with the boss at work! What can I do? I keep trying, and calling on Jesus, but I’m human. Granted, I am not in one of these torture chambers in Groznya! But, what can I do? Me, I’m inspired to know that John McCain’s wife adopted a child from Bangladesh which was suffering greatly, and needed medical care! Me, I’m inspired to know that Angelina Jolie visits refugee camps around the globe, and adopted seven children, and is trying to keep her marriage together, her career growth moving forward, and raising seven adopted children! Its a lot better than some of the cocaine addicts like Paris Hilton, and numerous others! Believe me it is! I’m inspired to know that Jesus died on the cross for me, and for my sins, and cares about me, and loves me, and not just me, but all concerned too! I believe Jesus has the power to heal the victims in Groznya of these torture chambers, and these secret prisons! I believe this and that Christ Jesus rose from the dead, and that Jesus feeds the poor, heals the sick and raises the dead! But where is Jesus, when it comes to the victims of Genocide in Chechnya? Is Jesus in the ECHR courts hearing cases against human rights? Is Jesus with so many chechen refugees in the streets of France, and Austria, and Germany? I must believe that he is, and that if we call on Jesus together, we can change these crimes against humanity, and get justice, for Kadyrov, and justice for Putin, and these murderous Russians bringing bloodshed to the Caucasus! Amen.

  • Roman L. Comer said:

    Small Corners Of Hell

    Slain journalist Anna Politkovskaya wrote articles critical of the pro-Moscow Chechen leadership
    Last updated (GMT/UTC): 29.01.2011 11:10
    * Correction appended

    Russian investigative journalist Anna Politkovskaya was gunned down in Moscow in October 2006 primarily for her articles criticizing Russian policy in Chechnya, in particular the vindictiveness, intimidation, corruption and arbitrary brutality that are the hallmarks of the pro-Moscow Chechen leadership.

    The appalling suffering that she witnessed in Chechnya is chronicled in her books “A Dirty War” (1999) and “A Small Corner Of Hell” (2003). But in terms of man’s inhumanity to man, nothing Politkovskaya described in those volumes can compare with a detailed account, which can’t be verified by RFE/RL, posted last week to the Kabardino-Balkaria-Karachai insurgency website, of torture in Chechnya’s secret prisons.

    “Targimho,” the author of that post, says he compiled it on the basis of first-hand accounts by prisoners who survived and were released. According to the account, those survivors identify three locations in Chechnya where suspects were incarcerated, beaten, tortured, and executed, or fed alive to dogs. In addition to the “classics” — stringing prisoners up by their wrists until their shoulders dislocate, the use of electric shocks — they described other methods of torture, including dripping molten tar on to a prisoner’s head and the so-called “womb”: a pit one-meter deep in which prisoners are forced to squat, and into which liquid concrete is poured until it reaches their necks. The concrete expands as it sets, breaking every bone in their bodies.

    One of the locations identified is a former school in Grozny for the deaf that served as a secret prison from 2000 to early 2006. The Chechen website described in late May 2006 how human rights activists who inspected the abandoned building days earlier found inscriptions in blood on the walls and photographs of some of the 400 teenage girls and boys who had been imprisoned there. Chechen human rights ombudsman Nurdi Nukhadjiyev immediately rejected that report as untrue.

    The most horrendous prison, Targimho writes, is still in use, but no prisoner has ever left there alive. According to a comment on Targimho’s post, it is located between Shali and Novye Atagi on the southern outskirts of Grozny and is visible on Google Earth. Targimho cites a Chechen who worked there as describing how prisoners — both men and women, most of them young — are kept stark naked under the open sky in cages one cubic meter in size in which they can neither sit nor lie, but can only curl up in a fetal position. According to Targimho, they invariably become insane.

    In early 2010, the UN Human Rights Council unveiled a report prepared by a special Working Group on the recourse to torture at secret prisons in the context of the war on terrorism. That report cited the findings of the Committee on the Prevention of Torture of the Council of Europe following visits to the North Caucasus in May and September 2006, which noted “a considerable number” of allegations by persons that they were detained at various locations, including Tsentoroi (Kadyrov’s home village); the Vega base near Gudermes, east of Grozny; and Shali and Urus-Martan, which lies some 15-20 kilometers to the west.

    The CoE Committee does not mention the filtration camp near the base at Khottuni, some 20 kilometers south of Shali, of the 45th Airborne and 119th Parachute Divisions. Politkovskaya visited that base in February 2001 to investigate multiple reports that suspects were being held there in 20-meter deep pits. She was herself held there for three days in an underground concrete bunker before being released.

    Umar Israilov, the former Kadyrov bodyguard shot dead on the street in a Vienna suburb in January 2009, told “The New York Times” shortly before he was killed that he witnessed the torture of at least 20 detainees at Tsentoroi over a period of 10 months.

    Russian human rights groups, including Memorial, continue to campaign fearlessly for a formal investigation into reports of the existence of such places of detention in Chechnya and elsewhere in the North Caucasus.

    By contrast, some Western human rights watchdogs omit for whatever reason to highlight the issue of Chechnya’s secret prisons and the practices engaged in there. A PACE resolution on the North Caucasus adopted last summer that pulled no punches in criticizing other human rights abuses in Chechnya condemned unresolved disappearances and called for an investigation into allegations of torture, but failed to mention secret prisons. They are not mentioned either in the most recent global survey of human rights abuses released earlier this month by Human Rights Watch.

    The memorial unveiled in Grozny in 1992 by then Chechen Republic Ichkeria President Djokhar Dudayev to those who perished during the 1944 deportation of the entire Chechen nation to Central Asia on Stalin’s orders bears the inscription: “We shan’t weep. We shan’t flinch. We shan’t forget,” which is a variation on the Chechen folk saying “we shan’t forgive, we shan’t forget.” In that spirit, Targimho explained that he went public with his revelations because “I do not want us to forget these deeds.” Where is Jesus?

  • TEd Williams said:

    Kadyrov and Putin are two peas in a pod – they’re both animals and thugs of the lowest order, and they both will ultimately suffer for eternity for their evil.

  • mimi loca said:

    Thank God I was born in Chile I’m a Chilean woman
    a woman is president of Chile
    come on Chechen women
    we can do it

  • js said:

    Dr Chehens,

    Rise rise unite & go to the streets against Kadyrov . Shame on Russian Govt letting injustice there. There is a saturation point of everything so day will come soon when Russia will loose its prominence owing to Chechenya.Thw whole world will be against such acts.

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