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Open Letter to Citizen Vladimir Putin

Submitted by on Wednesday, 10 October 2012.    454 views No Comment
Open Letter to Citizen Vladimir Putin

Editorial board of Waynakh Online has received an appeal which address to the President of the Russia, Vladimir Putin.

Here is the appeal:


Copied to all government institutions in Russia, to all political parties, human rights and other non-government organisations, the media and all those citizens of Russia and the world who care.

Citizen V.V.Putin, your ascent to the apex of the “power vertical” which began in 1999, has taken place over a mountain of corpses: those of children, women, old men and many innocent people, not only in Chechenia and Russia, but beyond. Yet it was the long suffering Chechen nation that you chose as the main target of your rise to power. You are responsible for the Russian Federation’s state terror against the civilian population of Chechenia, for the indiscriminate bombing of its towns and villages, for the shelling (using every known weapon) which resulted in the deaths of huge numbers of civilians, including 40 000 children. Wounded and poisoned by your chemical weapons, people continue to die. You are the main culprit, without any period of limitation, responsible for mass murders, abductions, tortures, extrajudicial executions and other crimes. On 24 September1999 as Chairman of the Russian Government you officially stated your intention to “waste terrorists in the outhouse”. That statement was de facto aimed at the whole Chechen nation and when translated from the criminal slang into the language of human communication, it contained a threat to carry out extrajudicial killings, which was exactly what you proceeded to do. You know that no nation can be wholely “terrorist” and that the Chechen terrorism was, in fact, your invention. The “anti-terrorist operation” (ATO) declared by you, in the course of which indiscriminate killings of Chechen citizens were carried out, irrespective of their ethnic origin, sex or age and including newborn babies who could never be considered “terrorists”, was, in effect, not an anti-terrorist campaign but a campaign of state terror conducted under the guise of an “ATO”, unlawful not only according to international law but also to the Russian constitution. This is easily provable if one is allowed to conduct an independent international enquiry of the kind you are so afraid of. The international community has not yet invented laws for fighting terrorism but it is clear that no law would allow you to accuse a whole nation of terrorism without a proper judicial process and to embark upon a full scale war against it on what you consider to be the «Russian soil». By making your unlwaful statement on 24 September 1999 you accidently revealed your bloody plans and violated one of the main principles of criminal justice – the principle of presumption of innocence, and this, when uttered by a person who has power and means to put his threat into action, is a crime in itself. If the rule of law, subject to public scrutiny, existed in Russia such unlawful statements would have grave consequences. Yet Russian society, to the contrary, inspired you to commit crimes, oblivious of the fact that tragedy would strike at your door as well. After your criminal statement Boris Yeltsin chose you as his successor as head of the Russian state, perhaps, seeing you as someone who could continue implementing his violent plan to destory the Chechen nation which was expressed in his unlawful secret decree 2137 of 30 November 1994. As a sign of gratitude for his trust in you you published your own first decree as President of the Russian Federation “On guarantees for the former president of the Russian Federation and members of his family”. This decree provided Boris Yelstin with immunity guarantees, and you knew very well why he needed them. You also prepared this decree for yourself, planning well in advance for your future. You coordinated and used terrorism and terrorists in a purposeful way, in order to achieve your heartless and treacherous objectives. The proof lies in the fact that you have not yet revealed who were those terrorists against whom you conducted your ATO. Neither the courts, nor you yourself have named those accused of terrorism by the courts or have distinguished them from innocent victims. You have not even attempted to prove the lawfulness of the ATO because you knew from the beginning that it would be impossible to do it from the point of view of LAW. Doesn’t this mean that the terrorist attacks were carried out by your “agents of influence”? Why kill them when you had an enormous potential to arrest them and extract proper witness statements from them? This clearly meant that you did not want them to give proper evidence as you knew very well that dead people would never tell the truth you did not want. You are afraid of an independent judicial process and you do everything you can in order to avoid an objective court hearing of everything which is linked to the war against the CRI and the ATO. You know that no LAW stipulates that it is possible to establish constitutional order or hold an antiterrorist operation by conducting indiscriminate bombing and violating international humanitarian law, by killing innocent people and committing other ruthless crimes. All actions of a legitimate government authority have to be within the law and aimed against individual criminals found guilty by the courts. Your acitons, citizen Putin, together with the actions of members of your “power axis” did not comply with the Russian legislation, or international legal norms, and are thus criminal actions for which you shall be prosecuted, sooner or later. I suggest that you read one of the recent open letters which I sent to different high level international bodies (UN, EU, Council of Europe). These letters contain evidence of gross violations of the RF Constitution and the universally recognised norms and principles of international law and of the crimes committed by the political and military establishment of the Russian Federation (under Boris Yelstin’s and your leaderships): 2 aggressions in 1994 and 1999, genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. I challenge you with these accusations and propose a face-to-face meeting in the European Court in Strasbourg.

I am convinced that you and your henchmen should be prosecuted before you create an unlimited power axis, akin to Hitler and Stalin. Your success would spell a tragedy for the whole world when it would be too late to bring you to justice. You have already demonstrated your readiness to use any means in your power by seizing the highest post in Russia once again, against the wish of a huge number of Russian citizens. There is still time to stop, however, to repent and to hand yourself over to the justice system voluntarily. If, against all odds, you still consider yourself innocent of artificially creating terrorism and conducting the ATO in Chechenia with the help of your agents, of organising terrorist attacks on the Russian soil and beyond, of committing countless other crimes – if you are not afraid of justice and are ready to comply, I urge you to initiate


I am conscious of the fact that you can ingore my letter or take other unlawful actions against me and I insist that this would only serve as an additional acknowledgement by you of your responsibility for the crimes which are listed in this Open Letter.

Said-Emin Ibragimov
President of the “Peace and Human Rights” International Association
08.10. 2012

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