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Watchdogs and Jackals in Russian Politics

Submitted by on Tuesday, 12 December 2017.    373 views No Comment
Watchdogs and Jackals in Russian Politics

The essence of Putin’s power exposed in two letters from the russian elite to President Macron.


The last two weeks turned out to be especially unfortunate, even “black” for the Kremlin: the russian missile collapsed into the sea, drowning with it 18 foreign satellites, the Olympiad in Sochi 2014 was retrospectively lost with a bang, Russia has been banned from participation in forthcoming Games while the Russian sport itself, stuffed with meldonium, is seen by the amazed world as nothing less than another branch of the KGB…


The same black line continues in russian foreign policy, too: in America – Flynn went on a deal with the justice, revealing more details on Trump’s affairs with the Russians, Ukrainians – lead by Saakashvili – the man sincerely hated by Putin, are about to sack the criminal oligarch in power, the French have arrested the Russian gangster-senator – one of Putin’s “walking wallet”…


The history of the latter is both sad and enlightening, and, with each new day, reveals itself in colors more and more vivid. In fact, the case of the russian senator Kerimov has already acquired details – the most curious – so much that already can easily serve as a short guide to such a phenomenon as Putin’s Russia.


Entirely fitting into the canvas of the “Affair of Putin’s Trillion”, launched by the US law enforcement system, the saga of the russian thief in France, that is, the “Dossier of the billionaire Kerimov” is of separate interest.


The scandal broke out on November 20, but only on December 4 the french Themis unveiled figures absolutely fantastic for Europe of the 21st century: the Russian mafia imported hundreds of millions of Euros stuffed in huge trunks (!) and, through its extensive network laundered this dirty money buying up real estate on the Cote d’Azur.


So far, the amount is slightly less than a billion, but the investigation is revealing that this is only the beginning…


And here it is – the most remarkable detail of the detention: the Russians in Nice failed because of simple greed: in order to pay less taxes, they often let in a circle the same property, reducing its cost, say, by ten times…


So, it was the tax service that clung to them, when all the others were evidently bribed already by the Russians – that is an indicative of the modern France, alas…


Of course, this story demonstrates the obvious system failure of Putin’s authoritarian vertical: it’s harder and harder for him to find new cadres for his machinations, and the old ones are getting more and more increasingly nervous, launching their hands into the common box – and on that exactly this vertical slipped in Nice.


Now, following closely the forthcoming rearrangements, sudden deaths from “heart attack” and “retirements” in Mordor, one can easily draw up a common map of persons in Kremlin responsible for the “French Direction”…


Also deeply revealing, in this story, are the combined attempts both by Russian thieves in power and their contents “in arts” in the outskirts of Kremlin to rescue their accomplice – they are as brazen as silly.


Following the mouthpiece of Putin – Peskov, who squealed about the “protection of legitimate interests” of this “citizen of the Russian Federation” with his “senatorial status,” the Federation Council Speaker M-me Matvienko condemned the arrest, calling it “an unprecedented case” and named Kerimov a “man of knowledge”…


Another contributor in this campaign is the head of the Council of Muftis of Russia – the muslim chief of Russia – Mr. Ravil Gainutdin (called the robber “brother” and “famous patron”), who joined in this purely earthly affair and personally appeared with a petition in the embassy of France in Moscow having abandoned his heavenly affairs…


In general, a wave of protests across Russia spread against the infringement of the rights of this exemplary Russian, however, already released by the French on bail of 40 million Euros.


And yet – the thing, crowning all this spectacle is a letter to the french President Macron, signed by 13 Knights of the Order of the Legion of Honor from Russia, the highest award in France. Among this dozen devils the oligarch billionaire Mr. Prokhorov, State Duma deputy Mr. Chilingarov and chief banker of the country Mr. Gref co-exist with such masters of “Russian art” as producers Pavel Lungin and Andrei Konchalovsky, former general director of the Bolshoi Theater Anatoly Iksanov, famous sculptor Zurab Tsereteli, band-master Yuri Bashmet, writer Viktor Erofeev … the Russian science, represented here in the person of Yuri Osipov – ex-President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, was not forgotten neither …


In this regard, it is impossible not to recall another similar message from the end of this summer – known as the “Letter of Twenty”, in which twenty Russian writers, publicists and artists appealed to President Macron with the request to pardon Mr. Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, who is serving life-imprisonment in this country, and is worldly known as “Carlos the Jackal”.


This Jackal, on whose conscience there are the lives of at least 80 citizens of Europe, America, Palestine, Israel… close cooperated with the Kremlin’s and its siblings – like Muammar Qaddafi, Hafiz Asad, Saddam Hussein, Fidel Castro, killing people, traveling all over the world under cover of diplomatic documents issued by countries-satellites of communist Moscow.


A task for my French readers: find at least one difference in this “Letter of Thirteen” signed by the respectable Heroes of France from the “Letter of Twenty”, signed by the frank priests of the planetary revanchism of Putin’s Russia!


Yes, none of the twenty Kremlin servants of the Muses, is Cavalier of the Legion of Honor. The watchdog will always lag behind the jackal in the art of meanness…


The French must be aware now, of the complete obsession of all Russian artists loyal to the Kremlin by illness called “Putinism of the brain,” and the highest award of France on their chests only adds to the harm already caused by these persons to humanity.


Maybe it’s time for the French Council on the Assignment of the Order of Legion to follow the example of the International Olympic Committee, before it is too late?



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