In the snowy mountains of the Caucasus, where many fairy tales of old took place, there are not many happy endings to write about anymore. The people who will have a role in a new set of happy tales have been forced to live as refugees, far from their rightful homelands which are currently occupied by Russia.

Let us not have them act out these tales with no setting, stage, light or audience.

The price of admission is sometimes a piece of cloth which we may have bought once and forgotten about. The price may even be a hot meal or some small gifts to help make the precious and innocent children smile. Perhaps the price may just be to tell the world about the tales.

Please do not forget that with your help, we can end this dramatic production and cast ourselves, along with Chechens all over the world, in a happier version.

Soon you will be able to get more information about the thousands of Chechen refugees all over the world.

Waynakh Online