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Mayrbek Taramov:”Tracing of Russian Crimes in Chechnya are Putting Away!”

Submitted by on Friday, 3 July 2009.    4,092 views 2 Comments
Mayrbek Taramov:”Tracing of Russian Crimes in Chechnya are Putting Away!”

We present to our interview with Mayrbek Taramov, jornalist, human rights activist and the Representative of Chechen Republic Ichkeria in Sweden.

WaYNaKH Online: Mayrbek could you tell us about yourself to our readers?

Mayrbek Taramov: Well, you can find enough information about me in internet. During last ten years or more there are about thousands of articles written by me to the different mass-medias.

My active work as journalist begins in 1996. I was publicized in independence Chechen press. In 1998, on my own resources I founded news-paper called “Kavkasiy Vestnik” and was its redactor. In January of 1999, on constituent conference, I was elected to chairman of Caucasus Journalist Union. Few years later, because of the claims of some personalities, publications were renamed to “Chechenskiy Vestnik”. I want to underline that those strange Muslims, who stole some dividends of Kavkazskiy Vestnik and doing that collapsed the Unity of Caucasus Journalists, are walking today in the front lines of Caucasus Emirat Ideologies. These people didn’t just a crime; they also created a collapse in the Chechen Defense. Because, Kavkazskiy Vestnik, was getting into fighting Chechnya through illegal channels and was supporting souls of worriers.

mayrbek kavkazsky vestnikIn autumn of 2001, website was functioning with the same name of which had a big popularity not only in Chechen sphere. But website stopped functioning in 2005, because of the same ideologists of Caucasus Emirat. And these are the “goods” that some strange Muslims do?

WaYNaKH Online: Russia is declaring of the end of so called “anti-terroristic operation”  in Chechnya. Russian puppet Kadirov said that Chechnya is rebuilt and the most peaceful country. Can you explain us what is going on in Chechnya and what is the real situation?

Mayrbek Taramov: Russia along with Chechen puppets made propaganda stronger. Russia is spending mass financial resources especially for this. And throughout prism of Kremlin’s propaganda we can see things much clearer on what’s going on in Chechnya.

We have to point out right away that none of counter-terroristic operations existed in Chechnya ever. It was a terror which was done by Russian government. Where all infrastructure of Chechnya is destroyed and mass genocide is been done (more than 200,000 deaths).

Which goal they are seeking for in rebuilding Chechnya? About this Russian puppet said one thing right to Azerbaijan TV, where he said that in Chechnya they are working on Putin’s spec-program: practically all areas renovated according to president’s program “No to traces of war!” (

The words “No to traces of war” means: “No to traces of Russian crimes in Chechnya.”  If Ramzan Kadirov was a little bit Chechen and Muslim, he would leave at least one area with destroyed houses, so that next generation would remember this as well. Unfortunately, this puppet listens to all commands of his boss – Putin. Let’s underline that renovated Chechnya is Putin’s goal more than Kadirov’s. Not because Putin is full of warm love to the Chechens. No! Putin scares of responsibility that may lay on him. And he knows that West would put on his crimes in Chechnya most of the times. But apparently, West isn’t trying to respond on genocide in Chechnya and even on human rights. And you’ll never see that somewhere and in sometimes West had supported Chechen meetings, protests and manifestations.

Sergey Melnikoff held photo-exhibition in Tbilisi. And we have to thank him personally – the man who is talented and full of hates towards Putin and all that connected with KGB’s regime.

If you want to do photo-exhibition in Istanbul, I guarantee you all that you’ll need there. But, as I know, Turkish government never agrees on marshes against Russia. Just try!

And in terms of “peace-lover”  – Kadirov, I would like to ask you: can a bandit be peace-lover? That’s how Kadirov’s responded once: “I already killed those who I had to kill. I will kill as far as I’m alive.” (

Now Kadirov is going abroad. In his interview to “Vesti24” he said: “We will never allow anybody to joke with Russia and we will solve anything anywhere! And if there is going to be a command, we will go to a foreign country! We have for that all power and resources!” ( That way he promises to watch over. If a bandit as saying that he’s going to watch over something – it means that it will be bandit regime which is ok for Russia. Why? Because, Russia is under control of Bandits of KGB with “legal” documents.

What is surprising here is Kadirov’s threat to European countries even as a response to those Europeans who are visiting Chechnya. How European politicians go over this shit is a big question.

And what Kadirov means by using all power and resources? Whether he is ready to use terroristic methods outside of Russia using diplomatic channels and chemicals? Just like that: Peace lover – Kadirov.

WaYNaKH Online: We know that you are working on researches of violations on human rights in Chechnya. Can you tell us a bit of your work?

Mayrbek Taramov: In 2002, in Baku, I founded Chechen Human Rights Center, which is functioning till now. I want to underline that our Center has never been financed by anyone; and was working because of few strong and enthusiastic people. Off course, we were in need of some help so that the work will be better. Anyways, we had what we had.

So, the biggest effect we have from our united work in a part of International Human Rights Group on Chechnya. Because of our mobility – we react fast on anything. It’s understandable that our work irritates some politicians, I mean mostly Russians who are trying bringing whatever efforts they can (even KGB’s) to slow down our activities.

We are doing researches on the civilians that have been lost in Chechnya. It is great job, because we are working on thousands of files. It’s understandable as well that our group alone can’t do as much as it has to do, but none of organizations are willing to help us. And all because of one again –  they all scare of Russia!

WaYNaKH Online: Everyday Chechens win a new case at ECHR, and Russia has to pay damages. Do you think is it enough? Of course it is a step but do you think is it possible to judge responsibles of the war, genocide on Chechnya?

Mayrbek Taramov: I’ll begin with Russia which was accepted in The Council of Europe (COE) just when the war began in Chechnya. Which means that COE accepted not just a country, but a fighting country where human rights were not respected at all. Well, they found a reason for Russia, reason such as PACE n.193.: people accused for crimes over human rights mainly in Chechnya will be called for an international court.

Since that time – 15 years left. Who did West called for court from those who made crimes in Chechnya? Nobody! Moreover, Western politicians are shaking hands with Russian killer. Remember, how president Bush accepted Russian general-killer Shamanov and hugged made a picture right at front of White House. General Shamanov, according to The Court of Strasburg – military killer, mostly because in two files in 1999 he plays an important role. Similar moments – Many!

Let’s talk about money that Russia pays to the Chechens on ECHR demands. These money to destructed nation are minimum! For such a thing, European from middle class would gain minimum millions of dollars.

When British police shot one Brazilian in subway, Britain finally paid that million. And we aren’t talking about how Brazilian was tortured, or just lost without any reasons. No. Policeman just shot him, because they thought that he is a terrorist. For the crimes that Russia has done in Chechnya this cost would be razed up twice. Unfortunately, our Chechens get only from 30 to 50 thousands euro, where 70,000 – 80,000 is maximum. That type of discrimination we face in the most civilized place such as Europe Court.

I have to imply that Europe Court on Human Rights in Chechnya began working only 5 years after the beginning of the second Chechen-Russian war and only when Europe understood that Russia isn’t following their tail. Anyways, paying some sort of money is a sort of pressure on Russian government. But, for Russia these pennies aren’t big deal. They pay this money from the Chechen oil. Nobody wants to talk about it still. And Russia can also use finances that are going to rebuild Chechnya. When Akhmad Kadirov said that Chechnya should control its own oil, Russian security service exploded him publicly. And his lovely son decided originally share everything with Russia, switching explosion to the rebels. That way it’s more reliable and comfortable for him. So, about the Chechen oil, Kadirov scares even to speak.

WaYNaKH Online: Many of European countries, US and international organizations gave a quick reflex for agression of Russia in Georgia last summer. But Chechnya, an independent country as Georgia, is under occupation since 1994 and the west world keeps their silence for Chechnya. Why?

Mayrbek Taramov: It’s the same quiet around Chechnya from democratic West called “internal problems of Russia”. Right now, they have more rights to keep quietness because of so-called Emirat. Make decisions yourself now.

Georgia isn’t “internal problem of Russia” anymore. This country entered sphere of global interests of World’s powers. For Georgia as for Ukraine and Belorussia, there is going to be a big fight. But it won’t be a war because Russia doesn’t have such power anymore. So, when Russia will say goodbye to Georgia, Azerbaijan – Chechnya is going to be next and the rest North-Caucasus republics. But, Chechnya, Abkhazia, South-Ossetia shouldn’t be doing anything that will far them from real freedom. We have to be aware of geo-political processes. Soon or later Caucasia will fall apart from Russia.

WaYNaKH Online: We can see many events for freedom, human rights and many international organizations organize some kind of events for a Free Tibet, Iraq, Palestine etc and populer names as singers, actors attending this kind of events. Why they don’t interested in Chechnya?

Mayrbek Taramov: We talked about it already, but let’s continue… Their quietness means agreement from the Western World on what is happening in Chechnya. So, does that mean that Western World is also responsible for crimes in Chechnya? How can we explain it otherwise? Make solutions, why in Chechnya we never had Western journalists? Even today, OSCE people aren’t allowed to come to Chechnya.

And think how many journalists were in Iraq at the hardest times of battles. They were so many from different places around the World. But in Chechnya everything was on Anna Politkovskaya’s shoulders, who is been killed brutally. I personally have no doubts on that, I believe it was KGB’s work. Because she was so against Kremlin’s crimes that was damaging Russian image in Chechnya.

Not many people heard when I say that Western World is responsible for genocide in Chechnya. But many people heard Anna Politkovskaya. In the interview to Sweden TV (in the movie: “when bear eats its baby-bear”) she said following: “Blood of killed Chechens lies on Putin as well as on West”. And here we have tragic end.

WaYNaKH Online: What do you think about efforts of Chechen Republic Ichkeria government in the west world?

mayrbek_taramovMayrbek Taramov: I’m the member of this government. I’m current representative of ChRI in Sweden Kingdom. Off course, I have some additions that I think have to be addressed to the government – everyone may have his opinion but not having demarches. In any case, my position is constructive, which accepts prime minister of Ichkeria, Akhmad Zakayev. Many questions are staying at front of his declarations on dialogues with the puppets of Kremlin. I said my opinion openly. I said that puppets can’t solve anything themselves – it’s all about their honors who are located in Kremlin.

Everyone knows that Putin initiated so-called “chechenization”, by which Chechens have to kill Chechens. This job is doing one main person called Ramzan Kadirov. As some Markov said: “Ramzan Kadirov is a knife by which Putin kills people” So, Zakayev doesn’t want this to be happen and that’s why he is ready to negotiate with puppets’ representatives.

In terms of Zakayev’s return to Chechnya, it’s a bit scary. As Akhmad Zakayev said on one of the conference: “If I’ll return to Chechnya – only as the last!”. He understands perfectly, that after his return to Chechnya, there is going to be an end on Ichkeria. Zakayev is a smart person and perfectly imagines himself on the position of Bay-Ali Tavsiev – previous Muftee of Ichkeria government, who was pulled down by words and dust from the same Kadirov people as those who were on Ichkerian side before. I’m sure that Akhmed Zakaev won’t let the betrayers to celebrate his return. Future will show us who was right. And I wouldn’t recommend betrayers of Ichkeria to go forward still.

WaYNaKH Online: As we know you are also at abroad, what is the situation of Chechen refugees in Europe?

Mayrbek Taramov: Situation of the Chechen refugees has gone down a bit. I feel it on myself. I said already that situation has become worst since Euro-parliamentarians went to visit Russian puppets in Chechnya, where these civilized people somehow found some respect towards a bandit called Kadirov. Actually, in Sweden, where Chechens had nice relationships, somehow changed and many new refugees are getting negatives very fast. Sweden even stopped registering marriages among Chechen society, and in one family the head was excluded from having rights to live. Sweden Immigration Service started not only giving out negatives, but also deporting some of the Chechens back to Chechnya where Kadirov’s bulldogs are waiting to eat them.

As we see, such behavior was accepted in the Council of Europe and made it clear in PACE, where on 24-th they made a new statement which was about mass brakes of human rights in terms of refugees in Europe (PACE n.11934, 11964). On this theme there was a mass of critics addressed into European structures. AE which is headed by Tomas Hamaberg got the most critiques addressed into their offices (actually, he is from Sweden as well). Human Rights Activists are asking him to step down ( I don’t remember any active movement of this commissar on human rights where he would defend one refugee issue.

Hopefully, Europe relations are changing towards Russia. Today, West opened their eyes and can see things through, so now they can answer to the question: WHO IS PUTIN? On the next meeting of PACE there is going to be new issue of excluding Russia from European Union discussed. But we are, Chechen Human Rights Activists, were saying that last thirteen years. But our voice wasn’t heard. Now, after so long of silence, politicians must agree that we were right.

We believe that this will help us all in the future and relations toward Chechen refugees will get warmer.

WaYNaKH Online: We – the members of the old Chechen Diaspora. We have many problems on keeping our language and traditions. Right now, you and the rest of Chechens are creating new Chechen Diasporas.  Chechens live in different European countries with different cultures. What do you think; will Chechens be able to keep up their language and culture? What should they do? And in a part, what can you tell us, to the old Chechen Diaspora?

Mayrbek Taramov: The question is very sharp. I would say – full of life. It is sad that Chechens don’t pay attention to their language and traditions as much as they should. Twice this question was raised by patriot of Litva and Chechnya – Algirdas Endryukaytis. He was getting ready to conference in Vilnius, where he wanted to discuss Chechen language. It didn’t happen because participants didn’t show up because they couldn’t or didn’t want to. It was heart breaking news for not too young man. But Alfirdas isn’t a weak person. And that’s why he never loses his wish.

We have also good news. I don’t know how it is in different countries, but here is Sweden, we have Chechen language learning classes. Moreover, teachers are getting paid. Last year I was a part of this school, but I quit because I was too loaded.

Now, talking about old Diaspora, from autumn of 1999 to May 2000, I was in Turkey. I met wonderful person – ethnically Chechen and professor, Tarik Cemal Kutlu. He spent all of his time learning and spreading out Chechen language. Tarik wished to create an alphabet in a Latin form, which will be easy to read to the other people. On this language there are Hadiths, songs, and poems are written.

In Turkey I was surprise that Chechen Diaspora saved itself being in a small community. And what Kadirov is saying about Chechens in Europe that they don’t have rights to speak their language and hold their culture – is nothing else but lie. It’s just Kadirov’s try to damage European image. But people are leaving back to European countries no matter what happens. But European governments aren’t that stupid to believe Kadirov’s sayings – they see and hear everything. Now these countries are closed forever for not lucky voyagers.

I think that between Chechens in Europe and in Turkey should be strong contacts. Talking about this question’s power, we should rely on the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria’s government, which should be an initiative for such contacts. Otherwise, we might face more of dissociation, which is harmful for the future of Chechen nation.

WaYNaKH Online: Do you have anything to say to the readers or any suggestions?

Mayrbek Taramov: As I said before, I lived in Turkey for a year, in Istanbul. I was associated with Chechen Committee in Turkey and “Caucasian Fund” It was wonderful time. Using my time, I would like to say hi to all of my friends in Turkey, about whom I have the best memory.

Turkey is fantastic beautiful country. Turkish are hard working people because of whom your country is getting way on top. I live in Europe for 4 years and I can compare. So, I think that Europe Union should have been asking Turkey to join them making their positions stronger. If this isn’t going to happen, then don’t regret!



  • Tsetseenia vabaks said:

    “I want to underline that those strange Muslims, who stole some dividends of Kavkazskiy Vestnik and doing that collapsed the Unity of Caucasus Journalists, are walking today in the front lines of Caucasus Emirat Ideologies.”

    Mayrbek Taramov, is amongst them someone also from Estonia?

  • Adam said:

    Very interesting interview and lots of interesting thoughts by Mayrbek Taramov. Thanks to Mayrbek and to admin of

    Unfortunately, Chechen Republic of Ichkeria’s independence struggle is mostly left on shoulders of a rather small group of patriots such as Mayrbek Taramov and Ahmed Zakaev. Younger generations should learn about their history and about political processes that are going on in Ichkeria as well as internationally and take on the Chechen nation’s struggle to protect right for life and right for self-determination, that are indicated in the international legislation…

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