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Memory by Apti Bisultanov

Submitted by on Thursday, 10 June 2010.    2,436 views No Comment
Memory by Apti Bisultanov

We present you another poem of Apti Bisultanov, which name is “Memory”. The original version of the poem is also available in the text.




Memory / Дагалецамаш / Dagalecamaš

And the rock left standing after a mountain’s collapse
лам хаьрцича тIаьхьабисина берд а
Lam xärciča thäxhabisina berd a
And the savaged people on earth
акхадевлла лела адамаш а
Akxadevlla lela adamaš a
And the shadow left by a toppled rock
берд хаьрцича тIаьхьадисина IиндагIа а
Berd xärciça ţäxhadisina jindagha a
And the wilderness of the graves in heaven
тIомадевлла лела кешнаш а
Thomadevlla lela kešnaš a
And the faces of the Shakhides
шахIидийн яххьаш а
Šahidiyn yaxxhaš a
And the blood of the Chechens splashing heaven and earth
стигланаш а латтанаш а мел ду дIасатоьхна нохчийн цIий а
Stiglanaš a lattanaš a mel du djasatöxna Noxçiyn çiyn a

And the kitten set free at the end of the earth
дуьненан маьIIехь дIахецна цициган кIорни а
Dünenah mäjexh djaxecna cicigan khorni a
And frog tears make the ocean run over
хIорд болабалийтина пхьидан бIаьрхи а
Xhord bolabaliytina pxhidan bjärxi a
And the tortoise set free in the sky
стигла а яьккхина дIахецна уьнтIепхьид а
Stigla a y’kkxina djxecna ünthepxhid a
And the window shattered by a butterfly
поллано кагдина кор а
Pollano kagdina kor a
And this evening
хIара суьйре а
Hara süyre a
And Berlin
Берлин а
Berlin a
And I
со а
So a
And the memories, ants that hurry all over my soul and body
сан са а дегI а мел ду дIасауьду дагалецамийн зинтагий а
San sa a degh a mel du djasaüdu dagalecamiyn zintagiy a
And my prayers, all ending this way:
хIора а ламазна тIаьхьа ас деш долу доIа а:
Hora a lamazna thäxha as deš dolu doja a:
Dear God, let me die in Chechnya!
я АллахI ДегIастанахь валар лолахь суна!
Ya Allah deghatanaxh balar lolaxh suna!


Apti Bisultanov

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