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Fatwa to Chechens by an Insane Man who Claims that Hitler was God’s Hangman

Submitted by on Wednesday, 27 October 2010.    1,041 views One Comment
Fatwa to Chechens by an Insane Man who Claims that Hitler was God’s Hangman

Mustafa Ozcan, a columnist from the Turkish daily newspaper “Yeni Akit”, wrote about a nondescript man’s words about Chechnya as a “fatwa” (a legal opinion issued by a qualified Muslim scholar).

Recall that, Mustafa Ozcan who earns his bread by talking about jihad and oppressed Muslims at random, became one of the Kadyrov loving journalists from the Turkish media after a free visit to Chechnya that was made possible by the blood money of the Chechen people.

For unknown reasons, Mustafa Ozcan devoted his column on October 26 to the empty words of Yusuf al-Qaradawi.

“Yusuf al-Qaradawi who is appreciating by friends and enemies recently, is on the agenda of Turkey too… In recent days, one of his most important outputs is on the Chechen issue. On Sunday October 24, in the late hours, he conversed with Usman Usman about the jihad and the topic came turned to Chechnya. He spoke of unusual or unexpected things… My appeal to Chechens who use weapons to achieve their aims: Leave your guns and join the rebuilding process of your country… The anchor person Usman Usman reminds him that Kadyrov is a Russian agent and collaborator, but al-Qardawi said that the issue is not related with Kadyrov, it is something bigger. He pointed out that it is not logical to resist a large army with a small group…” wrote Mustafa Ozcan quoting the words of Yusuf al-Qaradawi, like he found a gold mine.

Who is this Qaradawi, who finds a power in himself to declare impudent words against the heroic Chechens who fight to defend their homeland and uphold the honor of their mothers and sisters?

According to some people, he is an Egyptian Muslim scholar and is known by his words about Palestine. He is such a two-faced man that while he appeals to Chechens to stop fighting, he states that it is mandatory for all Muslims to support Hezbollah in its fight against Israel. He condemns the attacks on all civilians except within Israel. Also, he supports suicide attacks in the Middle East and claims that they are a justified form of resistance to the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories.

This irrelevant man describes Adolf Hitler as an executioner who was sent by God. He has said, “Throughout history, Allah has imposed upon the Jewish people who would punish them for their corruption. The last punishment was carried out by Hitler. By means of all the things he did to them – even though they exaggerated this issue – he managed to put them in their place. This was divine punishment for them.”

What follows, is his statement that the consumption of small amounts of alcohol (<0.5% concentration or 5/1000) was acceptable for Muslims, but in reality it is forbidden according to the real Muslim scholars.

Finally, we must remind our readers that this so called Muslim scholar was condemned for “providing a religious cover for terrorism in 2004″ by 2,500 leading Muslim intellectuals from around the world.

We wanted to explain this sick mentality with a few striking examples, but of course the final decision about his words to Chechens is left up to our readers.

*Text was written by Waynakh Online and edited by Michael Capobianco

One Comment »

  • CaucasianPeoplesUnite said:

    Filthy traitorous Turkish leftists. What the hell do they possibly think they’re doing? What, do they expect us to get on the boats at Gaza with Arabs for Palestinians when Arabs are support the Russhits?

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